NBA Makes History by Getting Virtual Game

NBA Makes History by Getting Virtual Game

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in NBA
NBA Makes History by Getting Virtual Game

Sportsbooks are ever on the lookout looking for ways to develop their industry, and a great seed might have just been sowed for them.

The NBA announced last week that it and the Players Union had come to an agreement with Highlight Games, a UK-based wagering provider, to establish the virtual sports staking game known as The NBA Last 90. This will permit stakers to bet real money on simulated match-ups by use of real NBA highlights and footage. The NBA Last 90  is set to be ready for the 2019-20 season.

How  It Works

Computer software will induce the last 90 seconds of an NBA matchup. They will put to affect all manner of various factors and algorithms which permit wagers to bet live on the action. Stakers have the chance to stake on who wins, who scores on the first possession, the over/under points gained and many other props.

Stored highlights and footage of NBA matchups from recent seasons will be loaded into the computer. The league said that “numerous of possible results” will be programmed.

Virtual sports Defined

If you happened to see the movie “Rocky Balboa”, then you know that Rocky was brought out of retirement due to a virtual sports induction which pitted him against Mason Dixon. Rocky triumphed, Mason Dixon and his team became unhappy and wanted the real thing.

Virtual sports are similar, although a little more high tech and advanced than Rocky-Mason Dixon virtual fight. It is bringing video games to life. Video games play a sports event by the use of computer software which uses real sports statistics to determine the results of a match.

Advanced algorithms are fed into this software along with the skill of the players as well as usual tendencies during a match, like luck and bounces. They use ancient and latest highlight clips to assist with the graphics, so it appears like a real game is taking place.

Things are incredibly high tech that while you think you’re viewing a real sports event, you could in a practical sense be watching a virtual “fake” match. With it becoming so real, sports leagues are starting to certify their sport for virtual wagering purposes.

Where to bet on These Games

As stated by the   NBA’s Press Release, “The NBA Last 90” will show on legalized internet, land and mobile operators that are licensed in European and U.S. wagering markets.

Is this new?

Not many individuals know about it, but the fact is virtual sports wagering has been going on in the past in horse racing, soccer and other types of video games, like Madden NFL.

Nonetheless, the NBA is the first major sports league in the U.S. to provide any form of virtual sports wagering directly to its followers. This will offer fans the chance to stake on matches during the season and offseason, paving the way for possible historic match-ups which we all discuss and debate about who is better.



With technology growing to remarkable levels, this was bound to take place. They’ve made these virtual games appear so real to the eye. Sportsbooks are ever searching for ways to bring in new types of wagering and become creative. It is now not a surprise that they are sealing deals with other sports leagues to increase interest and make virtual sports popular.


Get ready to soon see virtual video games where past champions wrestle against each other. After all, who doesn’t want to witness the ‘98 Bulls take on the ‘18 Warriors in a virtual NBA game and stake on it?

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