NBA found out

NBA found out

NBA found out a crisis in the leaders.

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The Warriors will play tonight to be the first team closing a Regular Season at 73-9. And from the weekend, toFrontan the playoffs with the aim of repeating ring and the clear distinction of great favorite for the title . They’ve earned it . However, there are still those who prefer detract from the Bay and, once again,Charles Barkley has become the perfect spokesman. The former player, famous for his big mouth since his days in the fields, still displaying her now as a sports commentator.

As it regards the Warriors, Barkley and said the Bulls Michael Jordan will “kill” . And then he insisted: “Jordan, Pippen … Cancelled by small Warriors Come?”. Also referred to his time, and not just those mythical Bulls, as a time in which Curry and company have gone wrong: ” . No they were going to leave out of the blocks as they now do The rules have changed, defense it is at a disadvantage ” . Finally, Sir Charles is not the biggest fan in the world of computer time, but now has gone further, and surely too far, to “ensure” that Warriros not be the champions of the 2015-16 season . In the television set they do not give credit, of course but he insisted to make clear that if Finalemente Californians took the championship, ” would get on his knees and congratulate them .”

n 2015 , Americans spent about 9,000 million in bets related to the March Madness , which left the casinos of Las Vegas earnings of 100 million. It is estimated that over 60 million people filled the bracket in the US and 10% of the country participates in any competition related to this dialog forecasts. The possibilities of filling out a perfect bracket are one in 9.2 quintillion. It is easier to hit two consecutive years as the country lottery ticket buying only one year to hit all results. In 2015, for example, only 1.6% of the 11.5 million brackets that were filled in ESPN crossings matched the Final Four.

-In March, 17.5 million barrels of beer are produced when the remaining months the national average remains at 14 million. Fans ask 19% more pizza if your team loses if won. That rise, also in case of defeat, is 9% for dessert.

-The Team that most times has won the tournament is UCLA: angelina 11. This time the university is not even among those classified.

-In-Game winning, no university has more than Kentucky: 120. North Carolina has 112, 105 Duke and UCLA, 99.

– Kentucky is also the most times has participated: 55 And he has done 12 times as unseeded.. More Kansas (11) but less than North Carolina (14) and Duke (13).