NBA basketball tournament update

NBA  basketball tournament update

In the basketball game, there is a very famous association which is been formed and it is been named as national basketball association and it is shortly called as NBA. There is much latest news which is being come out related to this NBA and a tournament is being conducted by this NBA which is now going on very popularly and all the basketball fans are looking it with much pleasure and interest. It is today morning the great warriors in the basketball game are said to be making qualifying offers for the Harrison Barnes and the Festus Ezeli.

This is the latest announcement which is been made today morning is said to be the latest news which is going on in the NBA tournament. It is been announced in the city of Oakland which is in Calif. The news says that the great moves which are been made in this Wednesday meant that Barnes and the Ezeli will be totally restricted from the free agents in this July and the great warriors will surely have the right to match any of the offer sheets which the Barnes and the Ezeli must have to sign with another great team. The great golden state warriors will have to extend the qualifying offers which are to guard the great Ian Clark and the other forward James Michael McAdoo. This is to make them be the unrestricted free agents.

The great player Barnes who has averaged a great career – best of about 11.7 points and it was found to be going with 4.9 rebounds and also 1.8 assists in the last season. This person is also recently named greatly to the U.S Olympic team. The sources are saying to ESPN this Tuesday that the Barnes will be a very high position on the Philadelphia list of the potential free – agent targets when the great NBA’s offseason place which is the market opens on this Friday. But it is also added that the great warriors will have to rate keeping the Bares in the top position by taking him to the priority. This is said to unable to greatly lure Kevin Durant out from the great Oklahoma City thunder.

The great warriors would also really like to highly retain Ezeli, but it is said that how they greatly fare in the great Durant chase and it will also play a very big role in highly determining the fate of Ezeli. The set career – highs of the Ezeli is found to be 7.0 points and the rebounds are said to be about 5.6 per game in the last season. All these are the latest news which has given out by the ESPN Marc Stein and also this news was obtained from the associated press.