NBA Ball o’Dor

NBA Ball o’Dor

For the first time in NBA this year there are talks that they may introduce something that many sports have already adapted one form another, the golden ball or Ballon d’Or.

The football association will know who the winner of the award will be, and it will officially be presented in February 2015 in Zurich by FIFA. Unlike the other awards that are given to an athlete for a great year that they go throughout the season’s performance of the same, the Ballon d’Or is judging the performance of the athlete throughout a calendar year, not a seasonal one. That means it is the performance of the player in the second half of one and the first half of the second season, which is a smart move that makes athletes work two seasons for one price.

There already is an award for the most valuable player in the NBA but it is not similar to the Ballon d’Or as it is awarded for a player to his performance throughout one season, not calendar year, which will be much different from the award that the NBA now wants to adapt.

There has been an online survey of who would actually deserve to win the possibly new accepted Ballon d’Or, and there were ten possibilities of whom you could vote for. The last surviving three are the Cavalier’s, Thunders’ and Warrior’s leaders and most wanted players.

There are similarities and trying to find same things between players who got the MVP in the regular season and players who won the MVP in the finals, or in the seven or less matches that are played in the final round for the Championship. Many of the players in history that won the MVP in regular season led their teams to victory and led them to the trophy, with only one exception of Kobe Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers and their loss to Boston Celtics in 2008. The MVP was granted for the player of the losing side.

The Ballon d’Or would not be the same; it would not be any connection if the team of the player lost in the finals or didn’t even qualify for the playoffs. If the person or athlete is having a great year from 1st of January to the 31st of December, than he will get the award, despite the fact that his team lost in every single matches. Okay, that would be a hard job to achieve, but you get the point of the rules.

It will boost the NBA players’ motivations and morals to perform better and to help their teams win another title or two with this award, so I can’t wait to see it come alive.

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