NBA All-Star Lavin

NBA All-Star Lavin

NBA All-Star Lavin defended his title, Thompson beat Curry

Zach Lavin and Aaron Gordon led a fierce fight in the finals in the Slam Dunk and from batch to batch thrilled members of the professional jury, teammates and other NBA stars gathered along the ground, the spectators at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and the millions who are in this spectacle to enjoy with your television sets.

It took four sets to the judges assigned to one of two finalists less than the maximum of 50 points. Aaron Gordon is the attempt in which the first year of the ball touched the back, then hung between his legs and finished strong two-handed dunk over the head, from the judges awarded two tens and three nines. In order to beat, defending champion Zach Lavin took the momentum from the middle of the field, reflected a little in front of the line for free throws, in the year slipped the ball towards the goal and finished-handed dunk, and the fourth time in the finals earned the maximum 50 points.

“I think this was the best event of all time. Derived are some things that never before nobody has brought up. It was a dunk that professional zakucavańćima need four, five attempts. We took them out in the first attempt. We had to dig into their bag tricks. In my more nothing, only dust, “said the winner Zach Lavin who joined the select group of players who managed to defend the title” king of Dunk “.

Before lavinelo it has failed to Nate Robinson (2009, 2010), Jason Richardson (2002, 2003) and Michael Jordan (1987, 1988). Minnesota quarterback so of Toronto picked up everything he could, because the night before and was voted Most Valuable Player in the game selection “World” and players from the United States, who are in the NBA rookies or doing a second season.

Unlike lavinelo captain Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry no longer the owner of the trophy for the most accurate long range shooting three-pointers, but the title still came in the locker current NBA and repairs shall be currently the best team in the league, thanks to Curry teammate Klay Thompson.

The expected final duel Curry was shot first and came up 23 points from a possible 30, which up to that point was the best score of the evening. But then the scene out Thompson and not bow to pressure. He won, and before he came to the last ball. Even as he turned not to shoot, but went back, pulled and – hit. In the first round he hit 18 of 25 shots, the final one more (19/25), which is a whopping 74% of affected threesome.

“We love to compete. You know, I’ve never been in a team with someone who is a better shooter than me. So I’m honored to be with him to train every day. He makes me better,” said Thompson after defeating Curry who was the top scorer league and the best way to break down his own record of 286 three-pointers in the regular season, given that it is now at 245, but the Warriors to the playoffs remaining 30 games.

Double celebration they had belonged Minnesota. Zach Lavin was not the only “wolf”, which is celebrated in the night from Saturday to Sunday. In the presentation of basketball ability, placing emphasis on the skill in handling equipment for sale ball, passing and outside shot, the winners were the first choice of last year’s draft pick Karl Anthony Towns, though plays as a high wing.