Nashville SC vs New York City FC Betting Review – 4th August

Nashville SC vs New York City FC Betting Review – 4th August

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Football
Nashville SC vs New York City FC Betting Review - 4th August

The Nashville SC and New York City FC are going to meet each other on 4th September 2021. I am here to assist you with all the latest news and updates of teams. If you remain here till the end of content, they will get information about the head-to-head detail, squads, predictions, performance in the last games, betting odds, and tips. I was hoping you could remain alert about all the news. We have checked that most of the results changed due to sudden injuries in the players.

Latest Performance

I have checked the result of the last six games for the two sides. Nashville SC played six games to win two times. They loosed in one game, and the remaining three contests did not leave any result. If we talk about the New York City FC, the New York remained undefeated in 3 games and failed in just one. Two games did not create any result. So, FC has more advantages than the other side.

Head to Head

Both the sides did not face each other in the last some time. So, we do not like to release and wrong information.


We picked the prediction from the last game. The Nashville SC has got 40% chance to win the game. The opposition also succeeded in determining the 35% chances to win. However, the 27% chances went into the draw level of the game.


There are two major sectors to discuss for the two teams. Firstly, we will talk about the home performance, the Nashville took part in 13 games and picked seven times result in their favor and did not lose even a single game. They succeeded in posting the 28 goals and faced 13 also. Hany Mukhtar scored eight goals from the team.

If we talk about the games away from home, New York City took part in 9 games and remained undefeated in 2 games, and three contests did not favor any side. They scored ten games and conceded 11 in recent games. Valentine posted eight goals from the New York City side.


I have checked that both sides did not announce any lineup for the game. The official squads will announce just before the start of 30 minutes. But, no one would like to exclude the start players in the team.

Betting Odds & Tips

After knowing all the above facts and figures, I am giving more betting prices to Nashville than New York City. You need to check the prominent players before putting in any amount—all the odds and tips created from the head-to-head data. We are hopeful for a better result as we expected.


I tried my best to post all the required detail about the two teams. Nashville and New York are the top teams from the current league. If you want to know about my views, Nashville will win the match without any issue. All the data have been taken from the official sources; if you still have any problems, then you may change your mind at any time.