Nadal twitches

Nadal twitches

Nadal twitches at key moments and fails in the semifinals of Madrid

It wanted spark Rafa Nadal , the point of playfulness led him to number 1. It is still very good, but has lost the tone of excellence. Against Andy Murray played a good game, he had chances to win both sets, but ended up not respondingThe public of Madrid, which filled the Manolo Santana track complex the Magic Box , suffered each blow with his idol. The main sponsor posters were lying on the floor

Nadal seems rushed and lacking in tactics , the opposite of what once was. It is noticeable, especially in options breaking balls having favor. Not clear, fails easy blows and finds errors that are unworthy of someone who cemented his legend failing very little. Yes, it is true, Murray hit almost always serve in the times when he was in a hurry, but there were rallies that could fall on the side of the Spanish and Scottish road left. Nadal mixes worst game as well not find the weaknesses rival , something that was once one of their keys. Nadal won because he understood the game. Today is obfuscated and is not found.

The Spanish never was a hammer, it was more specialist generate failures that rival search lines and unanswered punches. Surprising therefore that now you shake your legs at key moments. Murray, who is no coincidence that the 2 in the world, benefited from the height to get well, but did not, much less, a round game . He missed many easy balls and gave choices, but Nadal did not see them . He was respected more nerves, because without being brilliant it did have enough to hinder the match to Nadal. The Scot, who this year has been training in Palma, knew vary their game and exploit the weaknesses of Nadal. Therefore it will play the final in Madrid, where he won last year .

The structure of the two sets were very similar. Rafa was towed after he broke Murray early, got flip 5-3 only to lose again a few games later. And in both cases in the second Scottish break with more mistakes than others successes .

” Yes, you can, yes, you can “. The step roars with podemita cry, a little tennis style. Here the silence is absent. “Yes you can; Yes you can”. A viewer does not see it: ” Shout something nicer .” But the step has decided that the song has strength and also applies to a sport somewhat stiff and elitist reputation.

“Come on Rafa”. The phrase is a constant in his career and slogan for the public of Madrid, a parish of believers. He always repeated, year after year, which is happy coming to this city and there is no place in the world that will push more, although there are no circumstances that are so favorable. But the throats of Madrid, who once gave wings -legendaria end of 2005 against Ljubicic – today are not enough to organize his game and is imposed on a rival tronĂ­o as Murray . Nadal is on its way, but has not yet come.