Mysterious Casino Game Review

Mysterious Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Mysterious Casino Game Review

Mysterious Casino Game invented by the Pragmatic Play scheduled to release in Feb 2020 for the users. It consists of the graphics but and Victorian London. The review of the Mysterious will give you a handsome description to play the slot for maximum payout whereas the other options in the slot like the symbols, betting range, multipliers, reels, and active pay lines are the part of the. Overall, this game has a better opportunity for the gambler to fill his pocket with the prize.

The Mysterious casino slot can be played by the smartphone in all parts of the world by downloading the software and the required application of the slot. Here is the detail of the slot with the functions and features.

Functions in the Slot

The Mysterious game of casino added four to 6 reels for the users for the 356 to 4096 lines of pay to give them a handsome payout of 20,000x which is too impressive in the casino market. While the RTP, the key of any slot settled up to 96.50% which is an average not too high. The presence of the free spins, wilds, multipliers, and other existing symbols made the slot very attractive for us.

Betting Option

A gambler who has a lower amount to invest for betting can do it after giving just $0.10 to the makers of the slot while the maximum figures to invest in the slot are $100 which is impressive for the 4096 ways of winning in the entire slot. The combinations and the exact pairing of the symbols are the extra addition to the final payout.


Having high volatility in the, the higher payouts for the gambler declared to 20,000x with the presence of the 96.50% Return to the Players. No doubt, this slot of Mysterious is a very good game for the gamblers.  The symbols of the wild shape in the slot will give you the extra edge to add more coins to the amount of the win at the final of the gameplay.

How to Play

At the beginning of the slot, only 4 reels will be given for the player for 256 lines of pay but later it will change to the 6 reels with the 4096 line to win which is good features for the technical player. There are 3 types of the modes present in the slot with the availability of the wilds to alternate the mind of the gambler. Wilds’ symbol of the Lord applied 2x to the 3x multipliers to get extra functions for the users. The Wild expanded symbol, of the Lady which describes the symbol for additional wins. While the Barron symbol converted to the wilds also.

From the scatter symbols by falling on the reels for 4 times to give you the maximum free spins of 12 with the help of the trigger. At the spot, the reels of the game expanded to 6 from 4 with the 4096 winning ways. The various options of the retrigger released some free spins up to 12.

After locking the multipliers, the available multiplier from 3x to 12x will give Clock a symbol to get more 2 spins with the option of lock to the multiplier.

At the last, additional features of the Roaming wilds in the 2nd time available for the wagers. In the entire game areas, Wilds symbols adopted various places for maximum output from the slot. The Mysterious casino game will give some entertainment with the prize at the end.


A very good game by the Pragmatic developer as it is also well designed. The features of the dark and the scary of nineteenth-century London with the Victorian era graphics made the theme very useful. The most inspired feature from the is the presence of Sherlock Holmes. Lord, Lady, Baron, lions, owls, rams, bulls and the cards are the significant symbols in the slot.


It is a real source of fun for the gambler in all the casino stations and online on the smartphone also. Having various options of the graphics, wilds and multipliers gave the game too much importance in the market. The high jackpot by the makers is also favored for the wagers.