Muckleshoot Casino in Washington Launches VRcade

Muckleshoot Casino in Washington Launches VRcade

Among the interesting news this week was the one for Muckleshoot Casino in Washington State, which announced it had added a virtual reality product to its platform.

This new product called VRcade will give Muckleshoot Casino players the opportunity to enjoy great experiences, and will allow the facility to attract a younger clientele. At the beginning of the year, there were reports that Microgaming had introduced this type of entertainment into the online betting universe, but adding the VRcade to the offers of a physical facility is something new and very exciting.

Muckleshoot Casino collaborates with developer VRstudios to offer titles that integrate 3D graphics, successful animations and tactile functionality. These games will feature a zombie apocalypse, a Wild West style shootout and more. The VRcade is being installed at the nightclub of the facility and has already proved popular during the test launch.

Speaking about the launch, Junior Maldonado, entertainment manager at Muckleshoot, said: “This new and fascinating experience is appreciated by people of all ages. Some customers are so interested that they played VRstudios games more than 15 times in one night, and they even came back the next evening for a new game. ”

Virtual reality has a bright future

Virtual reality occupied a prominent place at the recent Global Gaming Expo. It seems that more and more physical casinos are looking for ways to attract more young players. Most virtual reality titles have nothing to do with betting, but they attract a strong juvenile audience when offered on sites where real money games are available. A VRcade session costs $ 5, and a calendar of events is available on the Muckleshoot site for all those interested.

VRstudios has already launched its product in a number of countries such as the United States and Russia, as well as parts of Europe and Asia. The kit includes the HTC Vive headset and is associated with 3D headphones. This equipment can be made to resemble a firearm or even hands.

Kevin Vitale, president of VRstudios said, “The first method of VRstudios in the industry is to attract American and international amusement parks, family recreation centers, as well as arcade and other Centers of entertainment. Gaming companies have realized that our platform and solutions can help grow their business and strengthen customer loyalty. ”

We already know that many online casino players are fans of virtual reality, and we hope therefore see VRcade be available in a greater number of physical casinos. We are aware that more and more game enthusiasts are spending money on this type of material, and if the trend is confirmed, we are sure that they will also appreciate the idea of ​​trying it in one of the many gambling establishments that exist. We think this is a great way to attract a younger crowd, and we never know, the VRcade could also be a huge success with older players.

One thing is certain, the virtual reality is not ready to disappear, and we hope for very beautiful things in 2017 as well as a lot of success for this new technology.