Most Viewed Sport – Cricket Game

Most Viewed Sport – Cricket Game

Cricket is one of the important sports that are played more in the world wide. It is also thrill to play, by the players, there are totally 11 players playing in the game. One needs to work hard to play the sports. One can develop his stamina by playing the cricket and also the health of a person; can be increased by playing the sports. Ones eye sight also will get keener by playing cricket, this is because the player needs to concentrate while playing, and also he needs to focus on the ball while playing the cricket game. And also ones strength in the game will be increased when he players the cricket with the full concentration. Two wicket players are entered into the field from the opponent team. When one wicker is batting the ball then the other wicket will be the running man.

And also the two umpires are there in the field of war, which is in the field of cricket. And also the third umpire is there in the match, who will be watching the match in the long screen. He is the third umpire of the match. When a bowler bowls the ball to the wicker, then the batsman need to pitch the ball and needs to run to the other opposite wicket and needs to change their place. A player will get out, when he pitched the ball to the height and which is been caught by the fielder of the opponent team player. This is said as one wicket in the match, which is a team player, has been got out from the match. Cricket is a game of completely bat and ball game. The other important thing to be noted under cricket is that the laws of cricket are ruled under the International Cricket Council and also by the Marylebone Cricket Club in shortly it is ruled by the ICC and by MCC. One knows that when cricket have been introduced, it was first played in the 16th century in Southern England. Cricket is the oldest sport of all and also the mostly played sport in the world.

Cricket is also meant separately for the women players, there are encouraged well in this modern world. They are enjoying their freedom in this century; women’s are specially trained by the coaches and also by the other institutions. One who has the power with them needs to explore it to the outer world. This alone shows them to this outer world and brings them a good pride in their life and also to their surroundings. The team who is going to batting will be selected by tossing the coin; under this alone a team will be selected either to bat or bowl under the opinion of the captain. After the completion of the match the winner team will be awarded with a cup and also the cricket council will select a player either from the winner team or from the runner up team, a best batsman and also he will be awarded.

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