Most Viewed Game Among the World

Most Viewed Game Among the World

Basketball is a indoor game played by two teams on the rectangular court. Each team as five players and to score a goal, shoot the ball into the basket. The basket is located 10 feet high, above the court and diameter of the basket is 18 inches. The point is given as per the number of goal it depends on the line in the court. If player make a goal behind the line then three points is given else two points is given. Hence winning depends on number of goals made by each team. If the final score is draw then additional time is given to make goal which decide the winning team. There are five players in each team and are given a name called point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and centre player. The player who controls the ball and make sure the ball passes to the right person at right time where been called as point guard. Making shoots regularly and mainly long ranged called as shooting guards. Player who is active and often makes scoring increase is called small forward player. Player who played under the basket and gives often gives tension to the opposite player called power forward player. Player who protects the basket from the opponent called as centre player.

The common technique in playing basketball is shooting, rebounding, passing, dribbling, blocking. Shooting is the process of shooting the ball into the basket. While playing the player feet usually face the basket. The shooting is depending on jumping and expanding the shooting arm. Rebound play major role in basketball game. Rebound may happen when a team misses a shot. Rebound is classified into two offensive rebound and defensive rebound. Offensive rebound happens when the ball is recovered from the offensive side and defensive rebound happens when defending team gains the lost ball. Passing is the method of passing the ball from one player to another player in the team without giving it to the opponent team. The passing as different method they are chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass and outlet pass. The chest pass is passing the ball from one player chest to receiver chest. The bounce pass is ball is bounced one or two times and passed to receiver. Dribbling is the method of bouncing the ball continuously with one hand and it makes difficult for the defender player to get the ball. When a shot is attempted and defender touches the ball then block is performed.

A equipment required for playing he basketball game is ball, basket and the court. The basketball court is in rectangular shape of 91.9 feet long and 49.2 feet wide. The basket is flat, rectangular surface placed at both the ends of the court. The illegal act of the player to the defending team made a personal foul. Another type of foul is technical foul which is charged for not following the rules and regulation of the game. Consider, if a team gets fouler then the opposite team gets a bonus. Basketball is played by both men and women in a separate completion. Basketball is the most viewed game among the world.

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