Most Popular Outdoor Game

Most Popular Outdoor Game

Cricket is the outdoor game played between two teams of 11 players in each team. Cricket is played in a field which as rectangular yard at the centre of the field. The rectangular yard is 22 yard long pitch. The most important things to play cricket is ball and bat. There will be two teams to play the game one team takes bat and the other field. Batsman attempt to make score by running and the opposite team fields it, this is called as innings. The game starts by tossing, the toss winning team chooses either batting or bowling. There will be 15 members in the field they are 11 fielders, 2 batsmen and 2 umpires. The bowler bowl the ball and bats man hit the ball with the bat to gain score. Bat man can play until he is out and gain score by running to other end of the pitch.

The cricket game is introduced by England in 18th century and become national sport for them. The cricket game becomes popular around the world during 19th century hence the game is played by all over the world. Cricket is thus defined as one team bats to score run and other team restrict the score by fielding. There are 20-20, test cricket and one day matches conducted by International Cricket Council (ICC). In match the over differ, in case of 20-20 match 20 over’s given to play. The batsman needs to score runs within the overs. Each over will be having 6 balls and batsman need to score within the overs. After the end of the over the batting team takes the field and the bowling team takes the bat and chases the score. To win the game the opposite team must gain at least one run more than the other team.

The field where the players play is circular or oval shaped. The fields are a grassy ground where the diameter varies between 450 feet to 500 feet. Test cricket is one of the forms of cricket which is played for five days. The test cricket is played between two countries and is conducted by International Cricket Council. The uniform of test match is white. The other forms of cricket are one day match which is yield in a day. The one day match has 50 over’s. Twenty 20 match has 20 over’s and this match has more viewers and popular among people. There will be captain for each team. The captain decides whether to choose batting or bowling after the win of toss. The captain decide which bowler to be bowled for the over and which batsman to be played next.

In cricket each player is rated based on the average. The best batsman average is calculated based on the run scored in a period divided by number of times he was got out in the period. The result shows how good the player is. The best bowler average is calculated based on the number of runs was scored while bowling in a period divided by number of batsman got out in the same period. The result of this calculation shows how good the bowler is. Cricket is the popular game all over the world.

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