Most Popular Game Among

Most Popular Game Among

Most Popular Game Among Younger Generation

Basketball is an indoor and outdoor game played between two teams on the rectangular shaped court. Every team has five players. To achieve target then each player in the team must gain a goal and to score high than the opposite team. Hence the victory is decided by number of goal or score gained by each team. The sport is played by shooting or targeting the ball into the basket which is attached at the end of the court. The score is given as per the number of goal it depends on the white line in the court. When the player make a goal behind the white line then three points is given to the team and when the player make a goal in front of the white line then two points is given to the team. Hence winning of a team is depends on number of goals made by each player in a team. If the final score is draw then additional time is given for two teams to make goal which will decide the winning team.

The position of each player in the team is described by a name. The positions of first basketball players are described as point guard. The point guard in the team is the fastest player and controls the other player in the team. The first player must ensure the ball is getting to the correct player at the correct time. Shooting guard described the position of second player in the team. The goal made by second player is high in volume. And the second player is mostly called as long-ranked player. Small forward denotes the position of third player in the team. The third player shoots the ball by dribbling and rebounding. Active player in the team is referred to third player in the team. Power forward also represent the position of fourth player in the team. The fourth player plays by showing their feet back at the basket to make a goal. Centre denotes the position of fifth player in the team. The fifth player needs to use size and height to score a goal. The fifth player role is to closely protecting the basket from the opponent team.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the men’s professional basketball game which is held in North America. In 1946 the National Basketball Association as 11 teams and now the strength of the team is extended to 30 teams. At the end of the league the winning team is rewarded with a trophy which is coated with gold and the popular award in basketball game. There are more viewers to watch the league hence the ticket for the match is high in price and are brought by all over the world. Media play a vital role and updates current news regularly and telecast the match in high quality. Fantasy basketball was introduced to be played in online via internet. The basketball game is popular even in online among the younger generation. Basketball thus becomes popular among people around the world.

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