Most Essential Things

Most Essential Things

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Most Essential Things To Follow In Online Gambling

Gambling is wagering of money/materials in games of probability in order to gain money/materials from others. Many gambling games are said to be originated from Europe and China. Even in the great Hindu epic Mahabhartha we can see the usage of gambling (dice) in ancient period as king’s entertainment. Nowadays it is wide spread all over the world as a kind of entertainment and profession.

Ancient and religious views:

  • In Hindu Scriptures like Rig veda (10:34:3,13), Manusmriti (7:47,50,221-222,258) and Arthasasthra we can see how its badly stating about gambling and the need for prohibition.
  • From Buddhist scriptures Sigalovada Sutta, Dighajanu Sutta, and Anguttara Nikaya VIII.54 it is evident that Buddhism is not considering gambling as wrong unless otherwise it causes evil consequences.
  • In Bible, there is hardly any direct reference for gambling which shows that it may not be widely spread at that time. But various versus like James 5:4, Matt.20:1-15 indirectly stating the mottos of gambling as evil and the reasons to not indulge in such activities.
  • Quran verses (5:90, 2:219) also encourage people to not involve in gambling and even now in most Muslim countries gambling is prohibited.

Considering the religions view gambling has to be prohibited and it is as an act of evil.

Types of gambling:

Casino games: which are played for fun and money inside casino. Ex: Pachinko, Slot Machine, Mahjong tiles.

Non casino games: which are played outside casino. For ex. Lotteries, Scratch Cards, Poker, Dice based game.

Fixed-odds betting: Betting in sports, political election and in racing.

We can also classify it based on the game which uses chance or skill.

Chance based games: Lottery, Scratch Card, Bingo, Rouette, Slot Machine.

Skill (partially) based games: Blackjack, Poker, Horse/dog race, Sports betting.

Reasons and types of gamblers:

According to US and World Population Clock, there are over 6 billion people involved in gambling but the reason for involvement differ from people to people depending upon their motive, economic status and geographical region. Some of the main reasons are

  • To feel more social and to overcome isolation/loneliness,
  • As a part of entertainment to relax,
  • To earn extra income or their livelihood,
  • Adrenaline rush.

Based on the above said reasons gamblers are classified into 5 types:

Professional: who gamble to earn money.

Personality/antisocial: who gamble to earn money but by illegal means. Ex: Fixing horses, playing with loaded dice.

Social: who gamble for socializing.

Relief & escape: who gamble to relieve from stress and for entertainment.

Compulsive: who became addicted to gamble and can’t leave.

Top gamblers:

Though gambling is widely known to be a loss profession and it depends on luck there are few who are famous world wide as greatest gamblers and earned lump sum amount. For ex:

  • Archie karas (1951) Las Vegas,
  • Kerry packer (one of the richest people in the world),
  • Nick Dandolos,
  • William Benter (earned millions of dollar),
  • Patrick Antonius (who won 1,377,000 dollar)


Some countries like US, Japan, Turkey, Netherland and most Muslim countries completely banned gambling. While in countries like Australia, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, UK it is legally allowed and there are laws and gambling commission for its regulation.

Gambling addiction

Among 6 billion 4-6% are said to be addicted (compulsive gambler)and they may need Cognitive, Behavioral or Psychological therapy. Among various gambling, electronic gambling games are proven to be more addictive than table and race track games. In a study, it is shown that it takes only 1.08 years to become addictive in Electronic gambling games while it takes 3.58years in table and race track games.

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