Moon Sisters Slot Review

Moon Sisters Slot Review

Moon sister is the newest slot of the Booongo after a long time. The role of the two women in the slot made it an imposing slot. The review of the slot has all the required functions and features for the users of the casino. A casual player will not get a surprise once again here. We have a decent layout and background to give some beauty to the newcomers of gambling. Some of the beautiful flowers also posted a new look into the slot.  Free spins and competition will be the last hope for all the gamblers.

Moon Sister is the two girls in the form of images and will cover the entire area. You can choose to enjoy the Moon Sisters slot online by installing the required software and application. It would be good to gain maximum by applying appropriate techniques in online betting for Moon Sisters.

Functions in the Slot Machine

It has five reels in the entire slot and twenty-five pay-lines to fill all the blank areas of the slot. Moon Sister failed to give a respectable amount of Return to the player. RTP is the only feature in real slot, which provided a lot of hidden input to the players. Gamblers do not like such amount in the competition of gambling. No doubt, the makers added significant figures of free spins and a couple of useful symbols to raise the final rewards. There are many interesting functions like fixed jackpot and scatters. Here is the betting range for Moon Sister to unlock all the options in the slot as online betting.

Betting Range and Payout

You must have to check your account before sitting on the seat of the gambling machine. All the slots of the casino needed some coins as an input. The range of betting is different for all the slots, but you have to pick the best match for playing. On the other hand, the betting range is always available at the bottom side of the slot machine. It has excellent rewards at the end of working in the shape of a jackpot. The lower value of RTP will remove from the higher costs of scatters symbols and wilds also. Moon Sister has high volatility to enhance the slot’s quality versus the other slot in the market. Do not worry about all the features in it. Gets the information regarding the playing method of Moon Sisters?

How to Play Moon Sisters Slot?

We have many symbols in the slot machine, but you have to focus on the Wilds Fish. Wilds Fish can do all the work in the slot. You have to make all the combinations and pairs with the help of these symbols. We have not any significant functions in the Moon Sister except the location of the Fish Wilds. The role of the wilds symbol is the same as in the past. Use it to replace the lower value symbols to convert into the maximum rewards at the end.

Free slots and spins have to get from scattered symbols. Some fixed jackpot increased the importance of Moon Sisters slot. More than $60,000 can win from this slot slot, which is too good than the past version of slots. You have to cover all the fifteen symbols to balance the work at the final spot. Here the theme of Moon Sisters slots slot.

The Theme of Slot

Moon Sisters slot attached to the Chinese theme to impress the players with a couple of useful functions. We have a complicated region in the slot that creates some enjoyment in the slot. The presence of the Wild Fish and trigger features lifted the slot very high. All the symbols of Cherry, Butterfly, Blossoms, and Royals posted a lot of beauty to the slot of Moon Sisters. It is a better slot to win maximum as online betting.


It is only making for the experienced player who just played a lot of slots in the past. The working of the slot would not get a massive matter for them. Only functions on the slot are the real worry for him. We know that gamblers do not like the lower amount of RTP in the absence of progressive jackpot. I suggest leaving this slot for others.