Monthly Black Jack issues

Monthly Black Jack issues

There is a tradition in the United States that on the first few days, on the 1st and 2nd to be exact, there are couple dozen so called Pi Yee Press Reporters that visit the casinos throughout the country and check the Black Jack games, their current situation, news for the game, if any rules have changed and so on. There were 5 this December around Las Vegas and visited every single casino in town. An e-mail will follow if there are any changes to the conditions, rules and regulations of any game in any casino to the address of the CBJN editor, who writes an article later that day and publishes in a newsletter in the evening of the 3rd each month. Everyone can buy that newspaper and can be ordered through an e-mail for the price of $15.

If you are a big player of fan of the casinos you can subscribe to the newspaper by downloading CBJN from the BJ21 web site for the price of $30 for quarter of a year, or three issues, or $99 for a whole year, of twelve issues. By Visa with automatic renewal each time the payment date passes. You cannot subscribe for 1 month, the minimum is 3 months.

There is a confusion that people think that CBJN is same as green chip. If you subscribe for the SBJN the password won’t open the green chip pages. The prices are same throughout the whole country.

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Just as any classical games, they pay when they appear three in line, but there are exceptions, and some symbols pay for two in a line. Mr. Bean is the wild symbol, making the game even funnier and interesting.

There is a new feature called the Nudge in the Jumping Beans slot game, where after normal payouts are awarded the Auto Nudge feature comes and shakes the screen, getting down all the symbols from above the rail to the rail or lines, for them to be played on. Mr. Bean and Mrs. Bean appear above or below, helping and boosting the game after a win has been awarded. If the player is lucky enough to be paid after the Auto Nudge, he will receive payment in the same spit, and win 10 free spins if three Mr. Bean symbols appear anywhere on the rails, not on just one rail. Now those 10 free spins are special, as if any Mr. Bean, Mrs. Bean or Bandido Beam appear anywhere on the rails, that counts as the Bonus Beans tally, and an award follows for the player. Depending on the number of beans in the 10 free spins, the player receives the award after them.