Miracle in Premier League

Miracle in Premier League

Posted on November 9, 2023 by in Football

Glossy Lester is getting closer to one of the greatest feats in the history of European football and have an easy schedule to finish, and hosting United and Chelsea

RIYADH Marez was while playing in France thought that Lester just a football team, English carpenter Look Herbert in moments of drunkenness put five pounds on a bet that the “foxes” to be champions last year and is now waiting for 20,000 factory worker from 2010. Jamie Vardi leading scorer elite … 2016 sensational Party in the Premier league elect Claudia Ranieri gave way to a remarkable story, which could get even more exciting bits, if the “blue” fail to preserve the remaining nine rounds first.

By 15 May, when the curtain goes down on one of the most exciting championship in the history of English football (this is the 117th in a row), there is still 810 minutes, no matter how complete, it will be especially remembered. Lider Lester (60 points) has a chance to put the first 132 years of being champion, runner-up Tottenham (55) hopes cup after more than half a century of waiting, Arsenal (52) In order to discontinue the post which lasts since 2004 and city rivals from Manchester (Siti 50, United 47) fantasize about a great turnaround and furious finish which make up the gap to the leading team.

On the eve of the finals crazy, Alan Shearer, a legend of English football in 1995 with Blackburn did what he wanted Lester this year, believes that Vardi, Marez and companies to withstand combat.

– 21 years ago we were in a similar situation and has affected us all nervous, because it is not easy when you are a small club, a big rush you. It seems to me, however, that Lester works very hard in these moments that they can not do anything to disrupt the way to the trophy – says Shearer.

What I witnessed famous center forward, confirmed by the bookmaker. “William Hill” offers a minimum quota to Lester (2.10), followed, just like the table Tottenham (4.00), Arsenal (5.50), Manchester City (6.50) and Manchester United (67,00 ). It is interesting that “foxes” have a relatively easy schedule until the very end, when they are waiting for hell, because in the last three rounds visiting Manchester United and Chelsea our Branislav Ivanovic and Nemanja Matic. I “singers” in the end, in the 38th round, the rivals have “Serbian club” Newcastle Aleksandra Mitrovic, whereas the “Gunners” have the easiest opponent, but grieved Aston Villa at the “Emirates”.

By this solemn day when the champion will be known, there is still a lot of time. He is aware of it and Mauricio Pochettino, manager of Tottenham, which no one wanted to extract as favorites or underdogs in the race for the cup.

– This is not an office job, where you know the obligations and what awaits you. In football anything is possible – said Poketino. B. ANTIĆ


STAR Lester, Riyadh Marez, laughed when asked whether the “handcuffs” difficult to play, because they are under pressure from the clubs chasing them.

– I do not feel any pressure, it was last season, when we were fighting for survival. Now, everyone on the team we enjoy – said Marez.

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