Mice ‘N’ Easy Slot Review

Mice ‘N’ Easy Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Mice n Easy Slot Review

It is the latest slot by the Realistic games with only three reels set up. I have checked that a lot of functions and features are very simple to use. You will enjoy this slot at the. It has consisted of interesting features to get the final jackpot at the end. The slot machine’s theme is more prominent with the robot’s plenty of fruits and other mice symbols.

Reels & RTP

There are five reels in the slot machine with only one line to use. Mice n Easy can give you only 300x the stake jackpot. We are worried about the little volatility in the slot machine. But, the casual players may get more chances to prepare for high-profile games. The RTP of only 95% will create issues for the users. The makers must think about the features. No doubt, auto Nudges and Hold after win with super spins will help the players.

Betting range and payouts

Mice’ n’ Easy will offer all the players to enjoy the best casino game. All the players can unlock the features and functions by using only 5 cents. You can pay a maximum of $100 for single spins also. If you succeed in handling the game, you will win 300x the stake at the end. A lot of hidden features and functions will help you.


When you make the pairs, it will demand more than three matching symbols on a single line. You have a chance to hold the mechanic to trigger in the coming time. We do not have any kind of guarantee in these kinds of situations. When you hold, the reels will automatically lock to release nine triggers and a single round. It will give you ten free multipliers and wins.

After that, the Mice n Easy is the next feature. It showed to times on the slot machine. When you land the symbols on the line, these symbols will remain bright after that. You can claim a prize here to attain the 300x.

From all the given features, it is one of the longest special features. There are a couple of options for the 3rd reels on the slot. It makes the game very interesting.

Theme & Design

The design of the theme is not too bad for the users. We have seen different kinds of actions in the middle of gameplay. The Kind of domes over the buildings can be seen in the jetsons when we were little. It is the only symbol that can convert the regular symbols into the premium. Many symbols like the grapes, watermelon, orange, and other images are good to see in the slot.


It is a game that makes only for the casual players in the market. No doubt, the Veterans can also try it to gain the maximum profit. The presence of the lowest volatility and other functions will detract the users. But, the addition of some unique graphics and features can lift the game.

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