Miami Heat served

Miami Heat served

Miami Heat served Nets their 4th loss

Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers, helped by their team called Miami Heat, crushed the Brooklyn Nets on Monday Night, helped by their team mate who was the All-star talent this year, who made the victory ever more possible.

Chalmers score 22 points while Chris Bosh after having bad matches when it comes to his shot, managed to end the bad streak and pass the 10 points mark, adding 15 points and nine rebounds this game. That might be the reason why the Miami Heat had three-game losing streak, and managed to pull one over the Brooklyn Nets with the result of 94-83.

Bosh for the media after the game in the interview said that he is proud of every game and every win, but especially for today, because he ended his bad percentage in shots from the field. He added that their team is facing some difficulties, and that they had every right and every alibi to sit on the sideline and lose the game, but they are surrounded by passionate guys, by playable dudes who commit for the team night after night, game after game, and the game tonight was an example to be proud of.

Chalmers, having gotten the opportunity and taking his chance second night in the row, was the key figure for the Miami Heat’s success in tonight’s game, leading the list of points for his team and on the match. He got this chance for two nights to be in the starting lineup due to Dwayne Wade being out of the fields for third game now because of his strained left hamstring. He was the key figure with just 1:23 left on the clock with a 3-pointer who was scored under a foul, later on scored the free throw and stole the ball and assisted for Chris Bosh’s 3-pointer that gave the Heat the four points victory after being down three.

Chambers said that they needed a game like this tonight, to boost them mentally now that Dwayne Wade is out of the pitch. He added that after the losing streak it’s good fight and win an intense game like this has been, and finally turn back and drive on the right road.

Chris Bosh managed to finish with 5 for 11, which is immeasurable to the 12 for 49 that he had in the last three games while they were losing, an when you add that the previous game he was just 2 for 11 against Milwaukee on Sunday, that make this day a fantastic one for Chris Bosh.

BojanBogdanovic had 22 points on the other side of the field for Nets, who had a disappointing 0-3 trip and now this defeat hammers them up even more.

Jarrett jack had 15 points while Deron Williams had 14 in his 4 for 13 shots.

A disappointing game for the Nets who had lead for most of the first had lead for most of the first half and third quarter.