Mehen Slot Review

Mehen Slot Review

Mehen is another title that features the Ancient Egyptian theme. It also comes with low to medium instability and a RTP rate is 95.8%. This game doesn’t have lines or reels, and all things being equal, let players move ahead of the snake. It’s an extraordinary way to deal with a well known theme. It has its selection of images however, just as a lot of prizes that can come with multipliers.

Betting and Prizes

Regardless of being a special slot game from Evoplay, you can expect a wagering range set somewhere in the range of $0.1 and $100, much the same as in some other slot title. Unlike in many slots, you don’t have to match images. You simply move ahead with and depending upon what sort of cell you land you’ll get a prize, a multiplier and you may get sent back or move forward.

Mehen Slot Features

The point of the game is to get to the snake’s head as there’s a 50x multiplier waiting for you there. As you move, you’ll experience different multipliers yet different sorts of cells also. Your image is a green coin with an eye on it. As you spin you move forward when the dice rolls. You will move the number of cells that show up on the dice.

There’s additionally a bot that plays against you and you need to beat him to the end. The orange image in the game returns you or the bot to the Start. The green one carries you to another cell and the iron image allows you to trap the bot for 1 turn. Then again, you can land in the white wraps image and afterward the bot gets your turn.

Finally, the number 6 can be your lucky number or otherwise depending on your position. It permits you to toss the dice but not multiple times in row.

Theme and Design

As this is an exceptional slot title, you can also consider the design a unique one. That is on the grounds that the game forgoes the classic look of slots and adapts to the theme. Having a snake as a “reels window” is interesting. Mehen is also a mobile-friendly slot.


At the point when you think about all the features of the game, you can see that Mehen is different from other slot tight. It adopts the board game strategy but tries to throw in certain multipliers to make things intriguing.