Mega Mask Casino Game Review

Mega Mask Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Mega Mask Casino Game Review

Mega Mask developed by the Relax Gaming which is one main slot from all the new products of 2020. It is scheduled to release in March 2020 for all the places of gambling. The slot of Mega Mask revolved around the Jungle and inspired the players of the casino. The Review of the Mega Mask showed the reels, options, betting range, payout, multipliers and Return to Player amount settled by the Relax Gaming. Having an average price for the users, it will be only helpful for the new players of the casino.

Mega Mask Casino Game can be played through the smartphone by downloading the applications and software which is compulsory for it. Online Betting for Mega Mask Casino Game would be very crucial to get the users who failed to play at the stations of the casino.

Functions in the Mega Mask Casino Slot

Pay-lines and reels are two main sources for the gambler to know the slot strength very well. There are 5 reels and 41 pay-line sin the slot to produce the payout of $250,000 which not good and bad also. The Return to Player is another source for the user to get the power of the slot which is 96.21% as a medium level.  Here is an opportunity for the wagers and bookies to do a bit of a high level by knowing the behavior of the during the gameplay.

Betting Range and Payout

The betting range can be checked at the lower side of the screen of a slot. The minimum range of betting for the Mega Mask begins from the only $0.10 to the $150 as a top game figure. The Return to Player of 96% and other symbol provided the maximum prize to the gambler of $250,000 but is an average amount by knowing the values of the other casino products in the market. Mega Mask changed the amount of betting many times by shifting their options from high too low for all the gamblers.

How to Play Mega Mask Casino Game?

Having so many useful features to get mega jackpot in the slot, but the player of casino needed to focus on the Mega bet which the key role in the game of casino.

There are two types of the mega Bets, from the one you have to pay 20% and in other 50% more used to play of wagers from $0.10 to the $100 as we told that the slot can change its amount with time in gameplay.

In level 1, you can get many reels and Mega Symbols to avail the free spins and 5 art crafts with the Return to the Player amount of 96.61% which is different from the fixed amount of RTP.

In Level two, more mega symbols and free spins can be got by the help of triggers with the more 9 art crafts for the users and the RTP is 96.61% which is more than the above in level one. It is because of more investing in level to than the 1.

The symbols of Mega allowed appearing on the reels as randomly triggering the slot functions at that time. To get the free spin and bonus, watch it on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels of the slot to gain the 10 free games with the spins also. The reels started to separate with 5 aircraft and 2 more re-spins to fall the fireflies at the required place. Online Betting for the Mega Mask will get some more users for the developer of the casino game.

Theme of the Mega Mask Slot

The Theme of the slot of Mega Mask based on the forest and inspired the users much time with the symbols of monsters, wooden masks, gods of the jungle in different colors. Gemstones are also available at the lower side of the screen of the casino.


Almost all the functions and options in the slot are different from the other. The features of the Mega Mask showed unique things in the game. Functions and symbols changed the volatility of the slot from low to high with the expectable Return to Players amount of 96%.

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