MEGA FORTUNE DREAMS Slot – Powerful Lady Craps Jackpot

MEGA FORTUNE DREAMS Slot – Powerful Lady Craps Jackpot

Anyone who has thought the world of the Internet would only be an unprecedented social network for the younger generation under 40 years of age, and social media beyond the borders of the country, as well as a medium where interactive entertainment is paramount to be instructed. Not only technologically inspired women and men are discovering the indisputable advantages of online casinos when it comes to the subject of gambling, even elderly people, who are afraid of going to these establishments due to their own ardor or the rather wicked flair of the casinos, Internet casino like to have a round in the live roulette or like to let the rollers circling the slot machine. The 62-year-old lady from Finland, who just took the 3rd place in a night and a foggy action, just managed to find out how worthwhile the whole thing could be, not having to step in front of their own door and still be able to pursue their own passion in the online casino, 5 million jackpot on the MEGA FORTUNE DREAMS slot. Almost the good woman almost slept her unique triumph, she confessed, because at 00:13 on January 18, when the arrow of the wheel of fortune jumped into the field of the Mega Jackpot with a progressive jackpot, she could hardly still keep their eyes open. This tiredness, of course, vanished when the enormous sum of money of MEGA FORTUNE DREAMS was shown in thick figures on the screen, and from then on there was no longer any thought of sleep.

From 1 euro make 3.5 million!

The 62-year-old lady from Finland did not enjoy the 3.5 million jackpots on MEGA FORTUNE DREAMS, which according to her own, had her this NetEnt slot machine so far only bad luck and so she was up to this ominous event around 00 : 13 clock already shortly before, one for all times the fingers from this slot to leave. To her own happiness, she did not stop herself from her previous plan, but once again put in just 1 euro for a single spin, which ultimately turned into the gigantic sum of 3.5 million euro. For NetEnt, this Mega Game was already the second big jackpot on MEGAFORTUNE DREAMS, which had to be paid in just four weeks to a gamblers in an online casino. Already at the end of December, the Gambler Wellzyc at the BGO Casino hauled about 7.3 million euros, exactly the same slot machine. The Swedes will surely be able to cope with these sums, because on the one hand, these paid millions of credits, besides the attention in the media, bring more and more players to try their luck at these slot machines with progressive jackpots. This increased interest in the NetEnt slot machines in turn means that the jackpot, as with MEGA FORTUNE DREAMS, is growing ever faster, into ever higher spheres, which also attracts more gamers. This results in an unstoppable upward spiral of million-dollar jackpots and an increasing number of millionaires in the NetEnt casinos. If this is not even a real win-win situation.

NetEnt becomes Games Supplier of the Year at the EGR Nordics Awards

NetEnt game machines are classically animated, convince with varied features and promise high payout rates. What may sound like a praise in the first moment is actually true. If the fantastic Rocks series last year with the games GUNS`N ROSES, which also won the prize of the best slot machine of the year 2016, JIMI HENDRIX and MOTÖRHEAD is not already enough argument to underline the hypothesis, NetEnt delivered last Year with the automatic games WARLORDS: CRYSTALS OF POWER, FAIRYTALE LEGENDS: RED RIDING HOOD or DRIVE MULTIPLER MAYEM famous games in the online casinos. No wonder with all this quality, in which many other developers would be glad if he could have created one of these automata games themselves on the market, that now with winning the “Casino Content Supplier of the Year” at the EGR Nordics Awards Once again the first class of NetEnt with an important price was confirmed.