Meet the best Texas Holden

Meet the best Texas Holden

Meet the best Texas Hold’en poker player in the world on only 25 years of age

He still does not know how to spend the money, but it is free to ask how he acquired his first million!

American professional Mekihin early morning Joe won the World Poker Series (WSP) in which he led from the start and the final tournament in Las Vegas left with 7.68 million. Mekihin there 25 years and was born in Philadelphia. Finals played in the basketball jersey of the club from this city, which once bore the legendary Allen Iverson. He won when the hand was “Ace and ten” and the flop got another ace to pair with kecot, which provide Joshua Beckley victory over New Jersey, which put everything on a couple of fours.

Mekihin had a huge advantage in chips before the final, but to the whole event which lasted three days. Analysts and reporters from Las Vegas agreed in the assessment that the winner played almost perfectly or absolutely perfect throughout the tournament. The winner again usually was extremely laid-back.

– Still no plans for the money that I won. And I won because this was my day, three days in a row, said Mekihin. Version Texas hold ’em play without restrictions so that each player receives two cards that only he sees, with five common cards that are on the table, facing face downwards. Then they turn three of the common cards, which is ‘The Flop’, then the fourth is ‘The Turn’, and the fifth ‘The River’. Among all done betting and winning player who has a better combination of their own and common cards.

WSP as the tournament began to be held since 1970, as an event that is participated just call and which was maintained at a casino in Las Vegas, but grew into a global competition which attracts thousands of players each year. WSP starts in May and then takes 51 days and 68 tournaments, and it all ends with the main event (Main event). It’s an exhausting few-poker-Mart in early 6420 that players who pay to enter $ 10,000, eventually reducing the final nine, of which everyone is guaranteed at least a million dollars.

Mekihin send home six of the nine final players over three days, among them was 61-year-old Neil Blumenfild, former owner of a technology company from San Francisco, which he sold. He made a comparison between the software business and poker.

There are indeed many similarities between startup software and poker. In both cases the money was found only among the top 10 percent, and only two or three really earn big money, said Blumenfild.

Let’s wish him good luck in the rest of the season, and if he doesn’t know what he will do to the money we are open for donations, just leave the amount of cash you would like in the comment and we will try to get in touch with him.