Meet Marat Safin

Meet Marat Safin

Meet Marat Safin – an interview with the racquet breaker, Roger Federer beater, Hall of Fame nominee and a politician

This is Marat Safin, a guy with several nicknames, and a well-known tennis player, but not because of his game, but his other attributes within and out of the box of tennis. He is a two times Grand Slam winner in singles category with smashing Roger Federer and Pete Sampras along the way, earning the top pages, headlines and cover photos places of many world famous sports magazines and newspapers with something that no one expected of him to do – pulling his pants down when he blew the final point in both final games and winning the trophy. As soon as he blew the last ultimate point on the Grand Slam finale games with Roger Federer and Pete Sampras, both in the same year, he immediately pulled his pants down and posed on to the cameras. It was his celebration and in that time around 2000 year when he played his best tennis and won two Grand Slams, that was the move that was well known in the tennis world.

He was asked a question, as expected; a question that is shot to all the winners of a major tournament, and that was whether there is a secret to the success that followed him in two Grand Slams the same year. He admitted that he had one little secret, and that is when he gets nervosa he breaks racquets to keep him calm and get rid of the bad vibes. His best year was also the year he was most successful, when he won the 1st grand slam he managed to break even 80 racquets, and he said that it was kind of costly stress release system but it paid off at the end of the season.

He also added that he did not know that he could play tennis like that in the 2000 year, and that he was out of his mind performing and watching the games afterwards when he would play an amazing matches.

The struggle was on till the 2005 year to win the 2nd and last grand slam for him, and it was tough on him. He said he broke another 300 plus racquets in those 5 years and eventually managed to get the 2nd Grand Slam. He is the ultimate enemy of Roger Federer and holds the record of beating him more than any other player, although Novak Djokovic is getting closer and closer as time passes by.

At the end of the interview he added that Novak and Roger are two of the most talented players of the game in its history and that he did not expected to see The Serb Novak Djokovic, who is currently on the 1st position in the ATP Rankings, to reach the number of 10 grand slams while Marat himself being stuck on two.