McKinley will be allowed to race

McKinley will be allowed to race

Sometimes we can hear stories like this not only in the Horse racing world or in a sport, but in everyday life situations where some youngster that is prepared to take on the next step and go into the major league is not old enough to enter it. This happened lately in the Boylesport Hurdle.

The inspection decided to let the 5 year old horse Tiger rode by McKinley after all the tests were positive and he was ready to take on the big guys.

This has set the record of the youngest horse to enter a horse race and his jockey Willie Mullins is very happy that he will have the opportunity to ride the record breaking horse, having known that all the rest of the horses are at least a year and a half older than him. He will have a place in the Leopardstown on the previously mentioned date and will try to have the most amazing debut that a horse can have. Willie Mullins is hoping for the same, as he already practices with him before the race comes alive.

He is one of the six Ireland’s horses that enter that tournament and will try to impress his team by winning the trophy while ridden by Willie Mullins for the third time in five consecutive years, having no title in the past. Willie Mullins has three other possible horses to ride, but he is most likely to go with the youngest one, as he has proven his best on practice. It is not strange for a horse younger than its competitors in the team to be the fastest as they have not had any previous running and they are not tired from all the games and races that their team is going through. This has been such a case for the young horse named Tiger that will represent his team in the upcoming Leopardstown event, and will try to make Willie Mullins happy with the third title In five years, giving him the fourth title overall in his career.

The recorder of the Boyle Sports Hurdle is Arthur Moore, having six trophies in his shelves and having put happiness of the faces of his teammates for six times, but this year he has slightly lighter horse than the previous years when he won the tournament, and he is not one of the favored one in the competition, especially in this tournament. The horse that weights the most, He’llberemembered is the last year’s winner and he the man in charge of him is Paul Faher, but it is unknown who will select him to be his horse for the race.

Willie Mullins and Tiger are the combination that grabbed all the media’s attention at this time and are the ones that are favored by all the people that enjoy horse racing. Having noticed all the attention that they have managed to pull to themselves on training is not surprising, they are one quickly moving train.