Mayweather Attempted To Bet On Himself before a Historical Combat

Mayweather Attempted To Bet On Himself before a Historical Combat

The fight of the year Mayweather McGregor put sports betting enthusiasts into a frenzy. Many bets were placed, including Mayweather’s bet of $400,000 on himself which was refused.

Before beating Irish champion MMA Conor McGregor, it seems that boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather, has actually tried to place a $400,000 bet on the bout but was turned down due to legal concerns. The fight saw Mayweather win the 10th round Saturday evening in front of a massive crowd of fans.

Sports betting in Canada is huge and fans were more than eager to have the best odds on the best Sportsbook sites. Sources reported that Mayweather visited the M Resort in Las Vegas just hours before his bout with McGregor and asked to place a $400,000 bet on the game. He was trying to put a bet on the bout ending in less than 9.5 rounds which had a 200-to-one chance. Although he had the money in his hand, Mayweather was dismissed because of concerns about whether it was legal to bet on something other than a direct victory by a participant.

Mayweather then tried to put all the money on himself for a win, but eventually left the dissatisfied complex after being led to wait for the bet to be dropped. Mayweather McGregor’s betting odds were awesome and even though he could not place his bet, Mayweather said he believed one of his friends could have done it for him and with an even bigger bet.

Mayweather told a reporter after the bout: “I think we bet 100 out of 9.5.I gave my guy six numbers to go bet I have to make sure he bets because earlier today I went to the bookmaker to bet and they did not want to let me place the bet.”

Mayweather McGregor’s bout was the biggest sports betting event in history so far, analysts predicting that the $70 million betting record between Mayweather and Pacquiao would be defeated. The main reason for this interest was the fact that the Irish MMA champion who fights against McGregor has chosen to enter the ring with a boxing champion. McGregor was unable to use any of his MMA combat skills and suffered severe penalties and loss of money for the use of an elbow.

McGregor gave a good performance in his boxing debut, winning the first three rounds and placing heavy hits against Mayweather. In the end, it was fatigue that got him right and Mayweather became aggressive, which made him stop the fight just one minute after the start of the 10th round.

McGregor fans called Mayweather to enter the octagon and face McGregor with MMA skills. We cannot see it unfolding of course, but it would give a spectacular sports betting event. Two champions wrestling in their respective championship sport.