Marcus Mariotawill join the biggest NFL Event of the season

Marcus Mariotawill join the biggest NFL Event of the season

After the outstanding performance on the Heisman Cup final game where he and his team won the Heisman Trophy, Marcus Mariota’s case was overlooked by the official authorities of NFL and decided that he should be available for the 2015 season draft.

His team Oregon helped their quarterback Marcus Mariota to achieve something that is rarely seen at that part of the country and it’s been more than 15 years that someone from the Oregon University managed to enter the drafts. Marcus Mariota still has one year to finish his senior year and get the university diploma, but after talking with his family he, with their help, decided that he should skip it in order to enter the NFL 2015 draft, as this is an opportunity that can happen to a player once in a lifetime. With the help of his university of Oregon, the quarterback Marcus Mariota filled the the paperwork asked from NFL officials that will make him eligible for the drafts just one day before the deadline, and how it is up to the teams to pick the quarterback as their new enforcement in their teams.

Marcus Mariota was left without words when he was supposed to say thanks and goodbye to his University friends as well as the Oregon NFL collage coaches, with their main coach Kelly, coach Helfrich and coach Frost. He did not found words in thanking them who managed to build him as an athlete and a person that will probably achieve some great victories and gain much experience throughout the NFL years.

The fans were something that was outstanding for the University of Oregon. The fans called the duck gave Marcus Mariota some great times in the NFL and it is something that he could never forget. After he said these words he turned to them and said “once a duck always a duck” and he received a huge applause from them. At the last of the interview before heading for the big league he thanked his teammates that he was playing with for four years and he said that he will miss them a lot. Marcus added that it’s been like a treasure playing with them and that he will remember it forever.

Put aside the loss to Ohio State University with 42-40 in the last game of the year in the College Football Playoff Championship, Marcus had an outstanding career and great year where he managed to hit the ball on the ground as referees yell for Touchdown 59 times. He is one of the few players that is considered to be a great talent and potential that are selected for the drafts this year.

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