Manchester City vs Manchester United betting Review

Manchester City vs Manchester United betting Review

The match between Manchester City vs Manchester United is scheduled to play on 7th March 2021. I am here to assist you in placing the betting for the winning team. After reading the entire article, you will be able to know the best side of the game. All the head to head results and players’ profiles will describe by understanding the team’s exact details. One thing to consider is that you must have to stay away from all the scammers on the internet. It could create problems for you.


If we see that team’s last result, Man City did not face any defeat in the previous six games. On the next side, the opposition team failed in 4 games and just won 2. It showed the real performance of the units. But, it doesn’t mean that the group which has more score, they will also win now. Both sides played their last game in the 1st month of the new year, where Manchester City rattled all the residents’ hopes.

The predictions of the game also favoured Man City with the 54% winning chances. On the other hand, the other team has only 23% chances to win, whereas the same number draws in the game. The record of Man City is lovely at home. They played 14 games at home and did not fail in 11. I have checked that they only faced one defeat, whereas the other two matches ended without any result.

On the next side, the United also played 14 matches to win eight games away from home. That is not a bad record for them. One of the best news is that they did not fail in a single game. All the remaining games did not leave any result for the team. Most of the players took part in international competitions. They scored too much for the team to give them real assistance. Here are the betting odds and tips for the match.

Betting Odds & Tips

Man City is the only team in the Premier League which never failed in the last 15 games. So, there are not any other opinions to take advantage of this side. But, the injuries on the play day always played a vital role. So, my predictions are with Man city.

Who Will Win?

According to the teams’ analysis and the latest results, I would like to announce that Man City is the best team. But, it does not mean that our development is a hundred per cent accurate. In sports, anything can happen at any time. So, we are not responsible for any change in the result.


I did not leave any critical point, which is essential to describe for the viewers. Moreover, I hope that you can make your own choice now. Do not search a lot of people to place bets. You must check the official profiles before leaving money for others. Feel free to take the side of Man City rather than the other.