Manchester City News

Manchester City News

Posted on June 13, 2024 by in Football

Virtually qualified for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, but with an irregular present in the Premiere League, the title in the Capital One fell him like a balm to Manuel Pellegrini in the complicated to the Chilean season.

The victory achieved by Manuel Pellegrini on Sunday in the final of the Capital One against Liverpool was invigorating. Not only for the statistical significance of the victory -séptimo international criminal title and third in charge of Manchester City-, also for the psychic meaning you will have this cup in the season finale strange being experienced by the engineer race.

Since the first last February, the club confirmed the departure of Chilean before the arrival of Josep Guardiola, the English soccer from not stop speculating about the inability to have the game to maintain the competitiveness of their roster. The theory pointed to the loss of leadership would suffer against a group of players who, most likely, begin to think more about the future with a new boss before responding to the requirements of a prompt from authority.

However, given the title in the Capital One and virtual classification to the quarterfinals of the then Champions solid win in Kiev three to one against Dynamo, it seems that the coach has managed to maintain the competitive nerve in his squad, less in the Cup and won the continental tournament.

In the Premiere League, however, this is much more daunting after three consecutive defeats, which mortgaged, not mathematically but almost certainly in football, options back to get a league title. As seen in the court, it appears that the City already threw in the towel at the local level.

So what has been achieved in the Capital One is so important because it allows making up an irregular season in Premiere, he gives another gallon coach passing through Manchester and ensures that, regardless of the end of the season, the Chilean will leave getting to least one drink in his farewell to the club.

Today Pellegrini all chips are put in the Champions League, the great obsession of the fans and the leadership of an institution that, throughout its history, only three times has exceeded the group stage of the tournament. That milestone precisely occurred with the engineer on the bench, the problem is that in the two previous versions the draw for the second round put him against the best team in the world: Barcelona. Now the thing is very different, because after winning their group, celestial crossed with Dynamo, and clearly affordable box before which is one step settling among the best eight teams in Europe.

What will happen when the season ends Pellegrini? Where will your future? What club come? It

depends a lot on what happens in the Champions League, because beyond the proven track record of Chile and its ability to manage schools, in the most elite of international football what happened yesterday does not matter anything, only better present time. Jose Mourinho himself lived it firsthand few months ago: bad campaign with Chelsea and fired despite his undeniable ability and glorious curriculum.

If the City confirms their qualification for the quarterfinals in Europe, Pellegrini will have a positive campaign curdled internationally. But if after tranco maintains and manages to get into the semifinals, not only can pass anything, but also, surely, will open even more doors of an important team in Europe at the end of the season.

There is much yet. We’ll see if the Chilean team will rise.

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