Manchester City football

Manchester City football

Posted on June 15, 2024 by in Football

Manchester City football player with some troubles with betting and gambling

The English Football Association (FA, for its acronym in English) Wednesday accused the Cordovan Martin Demichelis of “misconduct” for a case of alleged illegal gambling.

“Allegedly, the player committed 12 violations of the E8 Standard FA regarding football matches between January 22, 2016 and January 28, 2016,” the Federation in a statement posted on its website.

Demichelis, headline Tuesday in Argentina’s victory over Bolivia (2-0) in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, has until 16 (GMT) on April 5 to appeal the FA charge.

The defender, 35, could be punished, because in England is prohibited players to bet on football matches.

Standard E8 FA ensures that the players “can not bet directly or indirectly or instruct, permit, cause or encourage any person bet about the score or outcome of soccer matches around the world.”

You can define or serve a goal, driving the move or give pause, gambetear four or put an equivalent pass. The release of a stamp that Barcelona has an assigned place.

Last night outside the penalty area and his outbursts were much closer to the midfield. The feeling that you can achieve that maradoneada stacked was palpable last night at the Kempes.

There came a time when several Bolivian players looked at each other and waited for leave to the deteriorated the field to lose control of the ball sector.

Not so. Messi walked everywhere, arousing astonishment everywhere.

In one of those geniuses, he received in the half court and back to arch rival. Smedberg wanted to follow its movement. He could not finish dizzy. He lost sight of the “10”, the ball and the game while back toward Lionel Lamper was given. He cleaned three more, but he got generous and gave it to Higuain, who needed to convert and threw it out.

Of these there were six or seven. He played the entire team and asking for the ball from unlikely places so that Argentina clearly come as often as necessary.

With that Messi, who it is claimed to be equal to the Barcelona and last night was more complete, the Argentina team that built the 2-0 thrilled and wowed the crowd of Kempes.


Gerardo Martino must have felt some of that happiness which says it is typical of other DT and not himself. On the lawn of the stadium Mario Kempes, his team approached the situation of a football “seriousness” he claims.

Bolivia before the selection met most of the objectives of the game without constraints for Bolivia never stopped believing that it could be more than a wannabe dignified defeat.

The 2-0 was all that was unrelated to the performance of the selection. The performance of Carlos Porras and imprecision Lamper made clear in the other 12 arrivals, the clearance to the network not materialize. And in the defensive act, the selection area recorded a cantilevered Romero, and a shiver of Duk.

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