Magic Journey Casino Game Review

Magic Journey Casino Game Review

Magic Journey Casino Game which is in the upcoming lists of the casino game. The game is laid on the table to release in the January, 2020. Read Magic Journey Game Casino Slot Machine to get the brief story of it and the all features which are posted in it by the authorities of the casino. Here are all the key features of the slot machine with different style from the others.

Magic Journey invented by the Pragmatic Play Company which is the addition of another huge product in its market of casino. This slot machine of Magic Journey will bring more excitement for the users of the gambling because it will surprise the users also by its complete package. Pig men, monkeys and the monks of Buddhist made this game to attractive for the users. All the features of this game are based on the Chinese culture to inspire the players also.

Options in the Magic Journey Casino Game

Magic Journey Casino game consisted of the 8 pay-lines with the 3 reels for the users and the players of this game can get the payout up to 400x in only single round of the game. But the option of the re-spin will add more to the money. The maximum Jackpot prize for the Magic Journey game is equal to the $40,000 after making suitable combinations of the symbols. Having not any option of the Progressive Jackpot, the RTP of the game is 96.54% which is sign of high volatile slot machine. The Magic Journey Slot Machine Casino game is entirely different from the previous product of the series.

The betting option for the Magic Journey Casino game for the newbies is $.20 and the maximum amount to bet on the slot machine is $100 per single spin in a round also. To know about more main features and the function, read carefully about the themes and the conclusion of the game also.

How to Play Magic Journey Casino Game and win it?

As we told that this game is made on the culture of the Chinese due to posted some symbols about that. It is the invention of the Pragmatic Play for the users of the gambler with the 3by3 symbols which cannot move in the slot machine. The symbols which showed in the casino machine from to top to the lower area are those ones which will pay to the users of the game as result. This game will work for 9 characters which can be seen on the top of the scree at different 9 places also. These options will use to spin the reel for payouts. Make pairs of the symbols and the re-spin the reel to get some help from the casino slot machine. New line will come one after the other and the payout will be among the 2x to 400x for sequence of 1-8 line.

The main picture and the key point of the theme and the game is the Monkey which will show for appearing the triggers of the slot machine. After appearing the picture of the Monkeys, you do not need to get lines, you can spin the reel with trigger for highly payout of the amount.

Theme of the Magic Journey Casino Slot Machine

The theme and design of the Magic Casino Game is composed of the pig men and the monkeys in the shape of the kings. Most of the main characters told to the viewer are early in the article as is good design of the Company. The players of the gambling have to watch the main features in the game like the King Monkey, Nezha, Bull King, Long Wang and the Princes Iron to get more aware about the slot machine.


Having beautiful graphics, high RTP level, different features, best pairs for the symbols, entirely unique reels for the high payout and some other features in the slot machine will made this game so much profitable for the players, bookies and the Company of the game also. But, the players should play it very nicely to reduce their faults which they have done previously.