Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Basketball

Magic Johnson arranges a picnic for his employees

Those who use to follow basketball will definitely know about Magic Johnson. He is a retired basketball player and he is one of the most popular football players in the history. At present he is the owner of an insurance company named EquiTrust.

The company is located in West Des Moines and Magic Johnson is been associated with the company for one and half years as of now. Recently he has announced that he is going to organise a picnic for their employees at Raccoon River Park.

EquiTrust is being a trusted company in the location and many people are purchasing insurance policies from this company. Since Magic Johnson runs this company, it has a good reputation among the people.

Recently Johnson said “i have been to Raccoon River Park for a Christmas party hence i want to take my employees to a picnic. This is actually a family picnic and i wish to thank all my employees for putting so much effort every day to ensure utmost service to all our customers”

Every business owner will not do this for their employees but Magic Johnson is doing this. It shows his care and love for their employees and he respects their hard work for the company’s development. Everyone should learn this behaviour from Magic Johnson.

Johnson also mentioned that he was thinking about this picnic for a long time but he could not make it possible. However he planned well and arranged this picnic to give their employees a good time. He is very conscious about taking all of his employees to this picnic and he does not want to miss anyone.

Added to that, Magic Johnson also mentioned his love towards Lowa which is a Midwestern state located near Mississippi river. He said that he had been there for so many times and played many tournaments. Also he mentioned few of the players compete against his team. He recollected all his memories.

He said “It is very glad to visit this place again with the employees and it takes me to the earlier days”

Magic Johnson not only runs this work he is also focusing on many other business related processes and also he is being a social activist who raised his voice for many issues. Particularly he was in the committee which creates AIDS awareness among the people. When he started to involve in the campaign he admitted publicly that he is infected with HIV virus. But he has taken proper treatment and prevents the infection to get in to the next level.

Similarly he is still dong many things for the culture and that is one of the main reasons why many people love him even after his retirement from the sports.

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