Magic can be created once again by Team India

Magic can be created once again by Team India

The ICC World cup is just few days away. With Cricket being considered as religion and the Sachin Tendulkar is considered as God. The captaincy of MS Dhoni and rise of new bloods is added advantage. The bowlers and batsmen with great experience will do the right magic. The team won the 2014 World Cup. There are chances for winning again with rightful strategies. Though there are rumours suggesting of removal of old players and players by some top most experts in the cricket field. Everything needs to be outstanding and dealt by the squad. The excellent spinners are with right knowledge of pitch and strategies of the Australian and New Zealand layout.

To begin with the bowlers we have Ravichandran Ashwin who is one of the best bowlers who is very well accustomed with Australian conditions. He is an excellent performer with calculated and clever variations added he is also excellent for powerplay performance. Well next to that we have Ravindra Jadeja who is equally very consistent with his powerplay performances while attacking the batsmen. So no batsmen feel cozy to meet this talented spinner. Again we have our best captain MS Dhoni who can attack the bowlers with at most experience and great action. Suresh Raina and Virat Kohli the batsmen with their style and knocks can help to get some runs for the team. The powerplays with right good planning and strategizing there is easy move and layout of the game. The batting order of the players at each match may vary according to the requirement and strategies of the game. Stuart Binny is an all rounder is right handed and bowls right-arm medium. Though very much seen in actions during the Indian Premier League matches.

Ishant Sharma with his explicit bowling techniques and attacking the batsmen during the powerplay can be looked forward to. There is no need for the captain to worry as he has chosen his team wisely. The action and powerful gaming strategies are a look-out for the games this year. With rightful insight there is possibility of winning the title. With lots of debates and rumours that there is nothing to be worried still to more likely gain odd performances and combinations in the field on the upcoming World Cup.

There are various forces from the best teams of the world like Shahid Afridi of team Pakistan, a big fish to be considered while playing against the team. Watch out and play safe. The right players and the hope of best team squad can be soothing balm to the country regardless of any doubts regarding some performances of the players there is nothing to be worried.

Put on your gaming gears and cheer for your favorite team. There is no turning back and if God and sheer luck is on our side there is nothing to be afraid of. Cheer them more if they play bad and cheer them like crazy when they win their games. So Gear on India!!