Low Hanging Fruit Slot Review

Low Hanging Fruit Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Low Hanging Fruit Slot Review

Low Hanging Fruit  slot set to release by the Leander Slots. It will in the market of casino in June 2020. Low Hanging Fruit has all the expected features which will give you a lot of payouts and jackpot.  Graphics and usual style will not a significant matter for the users of the casino. It is a unique slot after a long time, but all the functions and features are not previous ones. We can say that it is a mix up of good and bad traits.

Low Hanging Fruit has an option to play it online. You have to install the required software and application to run all the hidden and outer functions. Online betting can create more possibility to win than the offline at the stations of the casino. Here is the detail of services and features of the slot.

Functions in the Slot Machine

The layout of the slot is very impressive once again. It has consisted of five reels and twenty-five pay-lines to fill all the empty area of play. Unfortunately, gamblers will not compromise on the lower volatility that is the only thing to decrease the importance of the slot. While on the next side, the amount of Return to Player (96.50%) is a common type. Most of the features like the scatters, free spins and additional wilds posted a lot of cash for the users of casino. Here is the information regarding the betting range and payout for Low Hanging Fruit slot machine.

Betting Range and Payout

The entire wager will have to cover twenty-five lines with the betting amount. This betting pairs have to unlock all the functions of symbols and services in the slot. The betting range started from only $0.25 to a maximum of $250, that is very crucial for us. It can see at the lower side of the casino slot screen. You must pick the real pair for you because of a matter of winning the slot. The gambler would start to make the combination of different kinds of symbols with the input of the betting range. We have a chance to draw a maximum payout in the presence of mean RTP amount.  The working of the Low Hanging Fruit will help more to know the instructions of the slot.

How to Play Low Hanging Fruit Casino Slot?

All the working of Low Hanging Fruit has three primary inputs to cover all the problems in the slot time. We cannot leave the wilds symbols without getting some response from them. On the other hand, the role of scatter symbols after making combinations with the lower symbols is also magic for us. You have to put it on the reels for three times to draw the free spins and rounds five times.

The 2nd best feature, which is in favour of the player is the behaviour of the logo of Free Spins. A lot of free spins will come to your side. The additional wilds and multipliers are related to each other for making a handsome package for the gambler.

Fruits symbols transformed from one place to another with the trigger options. If you triggered the button, a lot of fruits would spread there on the reels of the slot—the conventional images of fruits attached to the high value to make a reasonable amount for us. No one is free in the slot all the time; you can get the advantage of all symbols.

The Theme of Slot Machine

The Theme of Low Hanging Fruit slot is of usual type but not too bad. It composed of different graphics and style. If we look it very deeply, there is some option in the slot that watched in the new slots. Wilds, Free Spins and scatters of both types lifted the slot among others. Fruits symbols of Gold, silver, Bar logos, Lemons and Cherries gave more beauty to the players of the casino.


Low Hanging Fruit slot has lower functions according to the payout. The new players and casual have a one more chance to increase the coins in the pocket. Experts of gambling are against this slot for the experienced players of the casino. The small volatility and the same kinds of final payout depressed the players.

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