Lottoland Begins Legal Action against ACMA after Probe Revelation That Jackpot Betting Breaches Local Gambling Laws

Lottoland Begins Legal Action against ACMA after Probe Revelation That Jackpot Betting Breaches Local Gambling Laws

Online betting manipulator Lottoland has taken legal action against the Federal Government of Australia following a probe that found out that the firm has violated gambling regulations by offering prohibited services contrary to the existing laws.

The investigation authorized by the federal media watchdog was initially focused on the jackpot staking product of Lottoland that determines winners by pulling figures from financial markets while opening, then reorganizes it into a lengthy value and then turn it into the winning numbers. When the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) exposed the outcomes of the probe, the regulatory body indicated that some online jackpot wagering services given by Lottoland were in real sense games of chance.

The issue is that games of chance are now prohibited in the territory of the nation.

According to data provided by the regulatory body, these games constituted of US Millions, US Power Jackpot, the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Jackpot wagering services.

The revelations have been the latest slap to the online staking operator’s activities in Australia. Lottoland began giving the new jackpot wagering product following the declaration of the Australian Parliament that the firm’s main product – lottery betting – was prohibited. The lottery betting product of Lottoland allowed clients to place wagers on the results of various lotteries, both overseas and local ones, without any obligation to purchase lottery in any of the draws.

Newsagents and Lotto Point the finger at Lottoland for Spoiling Their Businesses

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian division of Lottoland decided to take legal action against ACMA in the New South Wales Supreme Court because the firm believes the operator’s view on its jackpot staking product is incorrect.

Reports by the online lottery betting regulator state that its jackpot betting products, which was once certified by the legalising authorities in Australia, has not breached any part of Australia’s gambling regulations. Luke Brill, The Chief Executive Officer of the firm’s local divisions, detailed further that the operator had placed a lot of effort to adapt its services to the up to date changes brought to the law.

Mr Brill further said that the legal action against ACMA comes as part of Lottoland Australia’s hard work to guarantee freedom of choice.

The operator has awakened controversial responses since its arrival in the nation, as it was viewed as a threat to lottery service provider TABCORP, local lotto, and newsagents who provide lottery products. Nevertheless, the company has managed to thrive in fame through a series of TV adverts and now claims to have 750,000 clients in the jurisdiction of Australia.

As stated above, the Australian Parliament legalized a federal ban on lottery betting sites like that of Lottoland following a heightened criticism and campaigns from the regular lottery manipulators and sellers of tickets according to whom “synthetic” lottery websites like Lottoland had been using up very vast chunks of its funds.

ACMA ascertained the legal action initialized by Lottoland to challenge the regulatory body’s revelations. The regulator said that it would refrain from commenting on the matter during the ongoing legal proceedings.