Lottery will grow

Lottery will grow

Posted on June 13, 2024 by in Betting

Lottery will grow by digitizing, no tax on betting we will not reduce earnings

First Croatian online casino had in the first ten days more than 2000 players, reveals Daniel Ferić, CEO of the Croatian Lottery, which the Icasino target to more than 300,000 players to 2017.

In an interview with the business daily reported plans in the new, online business segment, the state of the business with gambling, competition, the results of the restructuring.

Why did you open the online casino when it can play only players from Croatian? Is not the internet a good opportunity for export?

Exactly, but certain segments, such as this, you probably will not be part of a single digital market.Law on games of chance was not part of the EU acquis. Every member in their area regulates this area and, regardless of the lottery public or private, profit from them goes to the state budget Member States. Especially large EU members have no interest in alignment. It is no Croatian lottery can not export their services. But that does not mean that, like other lottery in the EU, we have no problems with illegal competition.

Where you see a financial interest?

Most of the markets are betting sports betting. But there are still betting lottery, virtual games betting, or betting on horses, dogs and so on. This market in Croatia is worth, and the players annual payments six billion, and the payment was about five billion of gains. More than 40 percent of payments are carried out via the Internet and mobile phones. When we talk about the casino, we talk about the market casinos and slot machines, which year on year make the same income. All this revenue is generated exclusively through terrestrial objects, which means that there is much room for growth in the online casino. The growth of the Croatian Lottery depends on the extent to which we digitize their operations, products and services and thus accompany the natural migration of players to interactive channels, with an emphasis on mobile platforms. In this regard we are already one of the leading companies in e-commerce in Croatia, with a total share of e-services in the total business of nearly 25 percent.

How many illegal preparers problem your Icasino?

Actually, not because we are in the eyes of players fully competitive. In addition, illegal casinos can not advertise and market regulator the Tax Administration. The people, moreover, recognize that in Icasino legal game. The bigger problem is that the bookmakers, as of January 1, the introduction of taxation on all gains occurred large outflow of players. In the online market full of illegal organizers of games of betting and casino games we want to make a noticeable difference.Therefore, in the campaign highlight the slogan “first in Croatia legally.”

What are the first results Icasino? Girls, do you happy?

In the first ten days we had over 2000 players. About income would not because it is a trade secret. We expect competition in this segment so that they also make efforts.

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