He loses the $5 million jackpot because his son bought the winning ticket

He loses the $5 million jackpot because his son bought the winning ticket

One man decided to file a complaint against Calottery after refusing to pay a winning ticket at $ 5 million. The lottery initially agreed to pay then changed his mind on learning that the ticket had been purchased by the son of the player, aged 16 years.

Lottery alleges defect in form

Last year, Thomas Ward went to the Los Altos gas station with his son Benjamin. The man asked his 16-year-old son to go and get the money from a dozen winning tickets for a total value of $ 330. Benjamin also had a mission to buy some tickets with the winnings. He was able to buy them without any problems.

Upon arriving home, father and son scratched the five tickets and discovered that one of them had a $ 5 million gain.

The same evening, Thomas went to validate the winning ticket from two official offices and had the good news: no bug, no problem, the $5 million is actually his!

But the Commission decided to change its mind at the end of 2016 by informing Thomas that the earnings could not finally be obtained. It is prohibited for a person under 18 to participate in a lottery. Calottery refuses to pay the winnings based on this rule.

According to Thomas, no one prevented his son from buying tickets on his behalf and was not asked for proof of identity. For the player’s father, the lottery had dishonest behavior by taking money from someone who had no chance of winning. He therefore decided to sue Calottery as well as the manager of the petrol station to obtain compensation for his injury. In the meantime he has to bite his fingers not to go and buy the tickets himself rather than wait in the car.

Calottery made the headlines recently with a young player who managed to win twice in a week for cumulative winnings of $655,555. No problem for her as she was 19 at the time of the facts and the law requires a minimum of 18 years to participate in a lottery.