Los Angeles Lakers doing good with new head coach

Los Angeles Lakers doing good with new head coach

It seems that the future of Los Angeles Lakers begins to take shape with the hiring of Luke Walton as head coach . But still do not know if the franchise will opt for a reconstruction of truth (from almost the ground: 17 wins and many young people), now has retired Kobe Bryant , or if they try to sign any established star to skip a couple of steps and to aspire sooner rather than later to be a team that exceed 50% of wins. That line between the one and the other might be inclined so significant next May 17 , when the balls and randomly decide whether Angelenos stay with their choice of Draft 2016 (protected Top-3, 54-55% chance) or if it takes the first plane to Philadelphia.

The Lakers have as much money as you more to spend next summer in free agency (about 60 million ), and keep the pick in the Draft could give them a major boost as far as reconstruction is concerned: not only would dollars with which to negotiate, but possess one of the most precious letters, the potential of a Top-3 . And, according to sources Colin Cowherd ( Fox Sports 1 ), the franchise would offer their choice in the draft but had # 1 (almost 20% chance).

Obviously, the first pick is a currency that could interest many teams in the league. A Top-2 means the possibility of choosing two great talents as Ben Simmons (LSU) and Brandon Ingram (Duke) , players who could change the future of a franchise. The Lakers, according Cowherd (via SB Nation), ” do not want to rebuild more. They want a NBA star. They shall call the other teams even get the number one and offer out there .”

With a group of young people on staff ( Russell, Clarkson and Randle at the top), Angelenos seem willing to take a big step forward this summer. The money will help persuade free agents, but like many teams will have dollars this summer to give and give (due to increased salary cap), the arrival of a star via transfer could be the perfect hook . We must wait, but paints more entertaining summer in LA.

This complex system has not prevented two seasons, a staff of over 23 million, has only been achieved to date, one Supercopa. Now it seems that the approach are clear: Creus seems untouchable, but if the league Endesa is lost, could give his career at the club and clinched. Coach Xavi Pascual , under contract until 2017; it seems that even winning the league is entredicha continuity.

There is talk of internal rifts in the structure, but the truth is that the pressure comes from above and another season blank does not bear on the senior management of the club.

Fourteen players signed for two seasons, when the club tries to rationalize the budget template, after the announcement in 2011 to reduce the budget of the sections by one percentage point each year until reaching a 5% in the next five years.