Live Broadcast

Live Broadcast

Live Broadcast Female Reporter Sarkar Criminal Seven

Australian cricket team captain Chris Gayle, live reporter who interviewed the woman against ‘indecent’ and ‘profane’ words were punished by the club grounds.

Live Broadcast Female Reporter Sarkar Criminal Seven

Melbourne Renegades 36-year-old player Chris Gayle, who own team during a live interview with T20 Big Bash League match played in an interesting dialogue took place between female reporter Melinda McLaughlin.


McLaughlin asking questions about the athlete purpose, the responses received by the wait. Gayle, as for a time McLaughlin when you said, “This I’m here to make beauty an interview. I see this beautiful eyes for the first time. I hope that we win this game and we are with you something we drink” he startled eyes on the ground thorn reporter, “Browning baby” he continued saying interesting dialogue.


This happened on the Melbourne Renegades Club, giving players a 10 thousand dollar fine, apologized to reporters McLaughlin. A statement from the club, the players in the club’s comments completely inappropriate and disrespectful and included such words emphasized that absolutely no place. No specified penalty of the player will be donated to the organization.


He made a statement after the penalty Gayle also said to apologize to Mel McLaughlin, “it returned instead of a simple word to mess fire. It was just beyond a joke but the limit. There was only entertainment is a joke. Sometimes grown more such things. Not bury anyone harm. I’m looking at it. I’m sorry for that, we need to look ahead, “he said.

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