Life without Roger Federer

Life without Roger Federer

Roger Federer , a legend to match any other offers in the 2016 season before a clear advance over time. The need to configure an increasingly meager calendar to encourage performance months of age 35. A career extended by a myth without having to prove anything , capable of staying among the elite of the sport with reason to have closed the folder ago.

The image of a circuit without the Swiss does not appear immediately, but the route to follow in 2016 may be the closest thing we’ve seen so far. Just 14 scheduled events, without even reaching the quota of tournaments (16) scoring for the ranking, clearly expressed will of the Swiss today: not so much compete for all but compete with guarantees in each tournament is presented.

His route 2016 had already generated comments in the early going to be a route schedule to avoid clay, a surface that ensures long meetings, perfectly acceptable for an athlete like Basel but where the ability to impose a direct court, Swiss art that has dominated like no other, is more difficult than any other ground. Now, after going through surgery to intervene one of his meniscus, damaged during a family outing in Melbourne, the Swiss has turned its route. A forced turn rudder to leave out completely the American tour hardcourt that make events Indian Wells and Miami, something unheard of since it is Grand Slam champion, and virtually disappearing from the map between the Australia Open and French Open, the first two majors of the course.

“Rehabilitation of my knee is going really well , ” said the Swiss through their social profiles reporting the movement. “I have conducted many training sessions and in the gym. Being a long year, I will not force myself too and return sooner than recommended. Consequently, I can not return to the circuit to compete in the big tournament in Indian Wells, but certainly on my mind back to the desert next year. After consultation with my team, I have decided to sign up Monte Carlo Masters “revealed, finding in the clay, the less aggressive ground joints, ideal for the return point. ” Thanks for the support. See you soon at the circuit. ”

In all, a week of competition in four months will be the balance of Swiss to reach Roland Garros. In a course where planning clearly points to the grass season: up to three scheduled tournaments, no longer turns on green in his life, and the landing at Wimbledon as the last 35 years objective, there was no one who achieved this cup overcome the barrier of 32. Thus, accumulating oxygen in the first months, the option of momentum for one last great sporting arreĆ³n. with the Olympics also on the horizon as parallel to the goal grass.

For the Swiss, who hours earlier was seen even at the Oscars Awards in Los Angeles , I escaped from the competition treading red carpet as any Hollywood star, a moment of fallow. For the rest, the painful acceptance of finger counting his appearances on the circuit.