Life of Riches Slot Review

Life of Riches Slot Review

After a long time, Microgaming released one of the best slot machines in the market. I am here to tell you about the major functions and features of the slot machine. One thing that takes into account is that the makers failed to promote the best product. Most of the actions have been taken from the Asian era. We have seen some symbols of North America and Europe also.

Reels & RTP

There are many symbols in the slot machine to amuse the players. Asian Women is the major sign in the complete slot machine. On the other hand, you have just 5 lines and 30 lines to use in the complete game. If you played well and make a real combination, no one can stop you from winning the $2000 from the makers. You may also pick the multipliers, free spins, regulars, and stacked symbols. Here is the betting range and price amount for viewers.

Betting range and payout

You can see the betting range of the game on the inner side of the screen. Life of Riches attracts all the users in the world. All lines demand maximum investment to unlock. But, if you have only 5 cents, then you can unlock the game. Overall, the range has started from only $0.50 to the maximum of $40. It showed that all the players could enjoy the slot machine. Moreover, if you picked all the symbols to make the combinations, you must win $200 at the end.

Life of Riches Slot Features

No doubt, the major features have been seen many times in the same kinds of slots. Life of Riches has improved a lot of things from the last game. They added some new multipliers and fun into the slot in the form of wilds symbols. Do not ignore the stacked symbols because these kinds of symbols will pay you.

We have seen that the life of Riches came with the usual size now with a lot of spins and payout. Now, the game will start from the stacked instead of any other. The winning prize will multiply by 2x when the wilds symbols handled the alternate options. It would help if you had to make the pairs alone. If you have succeeded in doing it, then you will pay the 4000x the stakes.

After the previous task, you have to focus on the scatter symbols, which will help you get the free games. All the payout will start from 2x to the 200xif you have 5 in the front to screen.


The theme showed the lifestyle of Asian billionaires and North American people. They also picked some counterparts from Europe. The presence of Asian women is the vital role incomplete game. If you failed to find it, you must see many expensive yachts, private jets, and other same kinds of symbols. Overall, it is a better chance to do something better than in the past.


It is the new product of Microgaming from the start of making casino slots. They started to work on it in 2017. There are several new features and graphics in the slot to create more fun than in the past. According to my experience, you may leave it if you have any other option.