Levante with bad words

Levante with bad words

Levante with bad words about the referees in their last match

Back in Valencia, at dawn, Levante president Quico Catalan, did not hide his displeasure with the referee Vicandi Garrido, but he assumed that the decline in the club many other mistakes during the season is due. “There will be people today, tomorrow, and some you will not be able to sleep quiet days. I think it’s an outrage, a disgrace. You’ve got a sense of helplessness , ” said Laporta at Malaga airport.

“This has nothing to hide or be an excuse descent. The culprits are us, but today there is no where to cogerlo.Es the first time in seven years that do not allow me to enter the office of arbitrator. I do not understand , it would be extremely respectful, he would say that he has done to Levante UD has no reason to be, that people make mistakes, like us I insist that I will not make excuses, but this has no explanation and I do not know what it serves. it is a real shame. it’s been cowardice, lack of respect … I just wanted to wish good journey and that time heal the damage done four. the leaders of Spanish football have to say it loud and clear. I have received many messages from people in the world of football is no explanation for what has happened. no excuses, this has happened on more than one occasion and the two parties has been flagrant, “said Catalan.

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“It’s very hard for anyone who wants to Levante moment. On the descent and because we do not deserve this. So no, what happened on Sunday, our fans not deserved it and I apologize for our mistakes. It was the true reflection of what has happened this season. I do not know if at this time (Vicandi) continue locking up in the locker room and crying as I’m told. it is outrageous that football is in the hands of these people, who can not take the unprecedented pressures that football is in the hands of these people, who can not take the pressure. we are working no matter what. we need to reflect and correct those glaring mistakes we know we have done. the first step is the sports area. we have to give a turn with the departure of Manolo. it was a sad end, but I think that one day justice will be done. it is our turn to face the new challenge, not hide, come forward. that is Levantine deserves that we have to take decisions faster you recover the strength to work towards next year, “he said.