Leprechaun Goes Wild Casino Game Review

Leprechaun Goes Wild Casino Game Review

Leprechaun Goes Wild Casino Slot game to get the information about the free spins, betting range, RTP, method to play the game and the all the features and options in it. Watch Leprechaun Goes Wild which is scheduled to open the account in the market in Feb, 2020. Mobile users, who wanted to play it as online, can also enjoy it anywhere by using the option of the internet and the software also.

It is the 3rd best game from the series of the releasing company of Play n Go which is in box to open in the start of the 2020. Like the last casino slot series, this game added the leprechaun as the mega character of the game. On the back of the screen of the machine, there are the green valleys in Ireland and the Leprechaun went to it house also.

Features Present in the Leprechaun Goes Wild Game

The betting figures in the casino game of Leprechaun Goes Wild for the small gambler is $0.20 and for the experienced and highly qualified player of casino is $100. Leprechaun Goes Wild having 20 pay-lines with the 5by4 reels in the slot area. On each spin, a player can get the 800x but if win all the free spin, then maximum amount of 10,000 will be awarded to him. The Return to the Player 96.20% of this game also reduced the chance of failing for the gambler. While the other symbols like the wilds, free spins, bonuses and the scatters are all the hope for the users of this casino game.

The feature of the Progressive Jackpot is not the part of the Leprechaun Goes Wild and the Maximum payout for the casino gambler is $1,000,000 which could be enough for the experienced user of the slot machine.

How to Play and win Leprechaun Goes Wild Casino Slot Game?

The player of the game has to chase the wilds in the slot without picking the options which were given in the head title of the game. The sign of the Leprechaun will behave different than the options showed on 5 reels. But, it is the only way to make the pairs of the symbols. For every line achievement, the payout for this action is 40x. Get the method to know about the Leprechaun Goes Wild Casino game for huge output from the casino game.

The mega step of the game is to pick the feature of bonus from the Irish symbol which showed the Luck also. This will get after triggering the reels to scatter two times. You may also add another scatter to the reels on each. No doubt, if you do well this them no one can stop you to win the money from the casino game of Leprechaun Goes Wild. To find the free spins in the game, you must scatter the 3 symbols which showed on the screen like 1st, 3rd and the 5th on the reels. All the efforts will give you as alternate of 7 to the 13 of free slots including sticky and the wild option from the game. The last feature of the Leprechaun Goes Wild is the Land Sticky Wilds on every reel of the casino slot machine. Now, trigger the for free spin to win the twenty two rounds at the same time.

Theme of Leprechaun Goes Wild

Leprechaun Goes Wild theme made to show the place of the Ireland. Some of the greenish valleys, the stone god, which are in soil as a half also showed in the back screen of the casino game. The signs of the cauldron, hats, pips and the beer are the attractive ones in the game. While the look of the Celtic style which covered all the reels to make it beautiful.


Leprechaun Goes Wild casino game made to post another product with high payout and the RTP also. It is a good option of the players of the casino to play and get maximum cash into their account. Most of the scenes in the theme and the game are so impressive for the players.