Legalization of Casino

Legalization of Casino

Legalization of Casino in Ukraine

Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko says that the document will be in this year, as tax “on the excitement,” have become a source of replenishment. Recall: gambling was banned in 2009. Considers the idea of creating a special zone play, for example, in the Crimea, but has not received continuation.

HDD REQUIREMENTS. The draft law permits three types of games: casinos, including online lotteries and bookmaking. But the conditions have become much tougher than it was before 2009. Thus, the organizer may only legal entity with a registered capital of not less than 2 million euros, and this should be their money, not borrowed, and not from the state budget.

Casino with certified roulette, cards and so on. D. Can be opened only in the 4- and 5-star hotels or in waiting areas of international airports. A prerequisite for the organizers of the casino – the director, the chief accountant – want to establish the absence of a criminal record. The game will not allow minors (if necessary security staff will be asked to provide proof of age), and the dealer must be over 21 years old.

Organizers will need to purchase a license: the price of 300 thousand. Euros to 1 million euros per year, plus – an annual payment of € 1,200 per gaming machine (there must be at least 12) to 30 thousand. Euro for one roulette table. Most restrictions to ban gambling was not.

Now, for the control of gambling institutions will create Natssluzhbu gambling constitute an electronic register of all “low places” and introduce electronic system of financial monitoring. The system allows you to control the number of bets, the payment of winnings and collection of taxes in real time. For the organizers of the illegal casinos set heavy fines – up to twice the price of the license to 10 years in prison.

The Ministry of Finance considered: the activities of a casino, you can get 2.3 billion USD per year, 0.8 billion USD of revenues from sports betting and 1.9 billion USD by lottery. That is – 5 billion USD per year. The experts are not so optimistic. Vice-president of the Association of Gaming Business Gregory Tripulsky believes that the complex requirements of the law, but they can perform. “Casino opened just two dozen, several in Kiev and other large cities, where there is a stream of customers. Much more will be bookmakers, where the costs of organizing business less, “- told us Tripulsky.

And President Alexander Okhrimenko Ukranalittsentra estimates annual revenues from treasury legalizing gambling only 220-250 million USD, because schools will be a little. According to him, the law established for the representatives of big business, who will share the gambling market for promotion because they will have to invest at least $ 10-15 million for each casino. “Small businessmen will continue to contain the illegal facilities, as they do not have a serious capital. Therefore, the law as such does not legalize gambling and fill the budget, and only add the police, “- says Okhrimenko.