Legacy of the Tiger Slot Review

Legacy of the Tiger Slot Review

Legacy of the Tiger slot has more further jackpots for online gamblers than the others. It has a vision in the back screen due to the presence of forest animals and other related features. Online bookmakers have a lottery to win all the prizes and rewards of Legacy of the Tiger. Legacy of the Tiger assured the functions and features in the slot. There is some unique option to impress the players after a long time. The role of Tiger and women would be exciting in the entire working of the game.

The entire gambler in the world can use Legacy of the Tiger as online to raise the value of it. We have more amount of payment for online players. Online betting left offline betting in difficulty from the last ten years. We have to use online gambling for maximum rewards all the time.

Functions in the Slot

It is the slot of Playtech which has only five reels and fifty pay-lines for covering the area of the slot. The location of Fire Blaze in the form of jackpot created some excellent option for us. You can win all the 2,000x the stacks by doing well in the game. Other options to lead the game are the free spins, scatter and wild like a Tiger. The name of the title also showed the appearance of animals and jungle in the slot working. Here is detailed information about the range of betting.

Betting Range and Payout

The range for betting to unlock all the functions of Legacy of the Tiger started from the minimum amount. You can win up to the 2,000x the stacks because of paying to the makers. On the other side, RTP and progressive jackpot also increased the payout for a gambler. If you do not have any experience, leave the high profile slot for others in the market. All the most top rewards games included more risk than the others. Moreover, the free spins, multipliers and games are the hidden elements for increasing prizes.

How to Play Legacy of the Tiger Slot?

The role of Tiger in the working of the game cannot ignore. It is responsible for making all the combinations. Furthermore, all the lower value symbols shifted towards the maximum jackpot by using the wilds that are the images of Tiger. You have to use it for an alternate method. From left to right in the slot reels, there are three more symbols which increased the payment of a gambler. One thing must know that we are not a hundred per cent responsible for the same behaviour of images which we described here. No one can win any slot without taking the risk. If there is more risk, there are a lot of jackpots for him.

After the role of wilds, the free spins also used to get trigger features. This trigger option leads to giving proper result at the same time. It showed on the reels for three times as in the past also. The scatter symbols in the shape of women also joined the party to fill the pocket of a gambler. At the last time, if you controlled the fire Blaze at the right time, then more coins will add for you. Here is the descriptive information about the theme of Legacy of the Tiger slot.



The Theme of Slot

The theme of the slot shows some images of the jungle-like animals. We have a decent screen of the game to amuse the players.  On the next side, the reels, symbols, Royals and temple of ancient are enough to give more attraction. While, the symbols of tigers, Queen of Jungle, Monkeys and Snacks created more options to win the jackpot. Overall, it is not the wrong theme for gamblers.


We are not against to play the slot of Legacy of the Tiger but you must aware complications. If you handle the forest animal’s images, then no one can stop you from winning all the given rewards. I suggest to the new players to leave this slot. Almost in all the games of casino, the role of wilds is vital. Online betting has more payout than offline in this slot.