Leeds are falling off a defeat against Chelsea and West Ham also endured a defeat on account of Manchester United hampering their advancement to the top five. West Ham have the force going into the conflict while Leeds United are relied upon to go in as the top choices in the match. In general, it will be an engaging conflict to anticipate.

The West Ham United had a horrid 2019 season after a sixteenth spot finish in the class that put the David Moyes under a great deal of pressure . In any case, it seemed like the side has taken in an exercise or two taking a gander at how they have moved toward their 2020 season up until now.

They didn’t have perhaps the best beginning to the season with consecutive thrashings against Arsenal and New Castle. They oversaw triumphs against Wolves, Leicester City, Fulham and Aston Villa however drew against Manchester City, Liverpool. In their most recent meeting, they were brought somewhere around Manchester United with a 3-1 edge. They are possessing the seventh spot in the table with 5 triumphs and 4 defeat.

Leeds have had a lot of achievement subsequent to getting elevated to the Premier League however need some karma on their side to avoid assignment zone. They began their season with a hard-battled game against the champions at Anfield.

They snatched triumphs against Fulham and Sheffield United yet confronted an impossible defeat against Wolves. Notwithstanding bringing down Aston Villa, their mission wrecked gratitude to sequential defeats against any semblance of Leicester and Crystal Palace. They set up a lively execution against Arsenal to hold them to a draw and made sure about an impossible triumph against Everton the coming week. In their previous match, they were squashed by Chelsea with a 3-1 edge placing them in fifteenth spot in the points table with 14 points in 11 games.


Given the conditions of their defeat against Man United, West Ham will be inspired to shake off that disappointment at the most punctual chance. Notwithstanding, Leeds will extravagant their odds in this challenge, and we feel that the home side will edge an engaging experience in this match. Hence, we predict a win for Leeds United.