Leeds United vs West Ham United Betting Review – 25 September

Leeds United vs West Ham United Betting Review – 25 September

Leeds United and West Ham will fight against each other on 25 September 2021 for survival in EPL. Both the side played a lot of games before this match. I am here to assist you with the betting review components. It has consisted of the latest performance, squads, prediction, betting odds & tips, goals in the last match and other related information.

Latest Performance

Leeds United took part in the six games and won two times. They lost in 2 games, and the other two games did not favor any side. Suppose we see the performance of other teams. Then Ham United remained undefeated four times from the last 6.

Head to Head

I have checked that Leeds United and Ham United had met with each other before four months. West Ham United remained well by getting 2-0 results at the end.


According to my view and experience, Leeds United has a 40% chance to win the game. The West Ham United will enter into the ground with 36% chances. It means that there is not a big difference between the two teams.

Goals in the last games

In English Premier League, Leeds United played only a single game and remained not too bad. The final result did not favor anyone because they did two goals and conceded the same number.

If we talk about the opposition team, West Ham United played two games and won in a single game. The other match failed to take any side.


All the players will play another game as in the last match. Only injuries may change the place of any player. No one would like to exclude the star players.

Betting odds & Tips

Every person has their mind to explain the betting tips and odds. You need to know about the best player from the two teams. If we see the predictions percentage, then both sides have equal chances to carry the day.


I tried my best to put all the required information for the viewers. If you still have any issues, you may compare the facts and figures to any other official spot. I failed to find a much better side. However, Leeds United is a slightly better side than the opposition team.