Latest illegal betting

Latest illegal betting

Latest illegal betting in the Tennis world

The scene takes place early Wednesday in the outer tracks of the tournament in Rome, when the day still wears diapers. Standing, hidden among fans, a man holds your iPhone firmly upright. It does not move even when the subsequent uproar shakes a point strongly to the crowd. Not nervous, but his gaze done again and again the same closed circuit: the mobile to the tracks, the tracks to markers, markers mobile.

Sometimes, he casts a shy glance around, as if trying to ward off an invisible threat. Beside all is quiet: a woman takes refuge from the sun with a blue and white umbrella, a child boot a giant pink ball and three young men argue over whether Alexander Zverev can defeat Roger Federer (which ultimately did not happen).

He, however, knows he is in danger, that at any moment someone could come to put an invisible wives, accompany him to the door of the enclosure and place your name on a blacklist to prevent him from ever again enter a similar event. Normal, completely logical: is broadcasting the game via Periscope and that’s illegal, have good or bad intentions.

The reason is clear. Since early this year, bettors have found a red carpet in the popular streaming service, bypassing all written rules to make money skirting the law. This is the fashion this season. The famous tool, owned by Twitter, is the new toy for cheating at gambling, with the mission of the above (receivers, earpieces or systems to transmit signals with gestures).

Periscope allows a live broadcast with incredible ease. Simply having a mobile with internet and installed on your phone to start relay application. That, in the hands of gamblers willing to play dirty, heavy artillery. Periscope image comes without the delay of the television signal. These seconds are vital in order to obtain an advantage that fail else (located somewhere safe and a front computer) performing live betting and drawing a clear benefit.

Logically, costumes not live outside the dust raised by betting, one of the most important threats that the current tennis faces. After what happened in the past Australia Open, punctuated by a scandal that came to nothing, the players discussed in huddles on the subject, looking for solutions to an issue that directly affects them. For many, the arrangement is clear: we must end the stakes in the tennis world, make it go away the chance to try fortune using the racket sport. It’s possible?

“It is clear that for us would be better bets did not exist,” admitted Rafael Nadal, who beat German Kohslchreiber (6-3, 6-3) to open the way at the Foro Italico. “Or if there are, of course, that the professional circuit from benefiting bets. In the end, there promoting our names and tennis in general. It would be good that the ATP perceive money to distribute in smaller tournaments and to generate more jobs, “said the champion of 14 large. “Although it is a world honestly I do not know enough. I do not like talking about things that I do not know well. The truth, on the professional circuit in this circuit in which I live week after week, I do not see this kind of thing [strange behavior]. I do not know if these things happen in the lower tournaments, where people are suffering in order to survive in the world of sport, “ended the Spaniard, who now seek the quarterfinals before nick kyrgios, winning 7-6, 6-3 Canadian Raonic.