Las Vegas introduces

Las Vegas introduces

Las Vegas introduces new game for the New Year

Joanna Krupa Lucky lady

In preparation of the New Year, the Las Vegas organization has surprised the customers with an amazing piece of work that is in their slot machines sector. A masterpiece of custom made drawings with amazing graphics that satisfy the gambler’s needs. They will first be tested on casinos around Pennsylvania and Las Vegas before are distributed to all the casinos in America and all around the world.

The three rail slot machines are unique and have more stickers than the rest of their family, but the prices are much bigger compared to the other three rail slot machines. For example two cherries means double price in any slot machine and for $1 you get $2. This is triple money and for $1 you get $3. Imagine if you play for $100 and you win $300 instead of $200. It’s the perfect slot machine for all the gambler lovers in America and around the world.

We move to Miami as the lucky winner of $4.000 is Joanna Krupa, the real Housewives of Miami. The model won the prize money on Saturday and immediately got naked to show her satisfaction in front of the camera. She posed for the media that surrounded the casino that she has been playing and won the money, showing that as a 35 years old lady she still has something to brag about. The media were surprised and were not expecting something like this to happen in front of a casino, but immediately grabbed their cameras and started shooting. One of them acted like a professional models photographer saying how she should stand and where to bend and turn.

It was no doubt that she enjoyed her five minutes after she won the four grands price.

After the dancing and posing she was ready for an interview and the blonde encouraged everyone to play the games of luck because it is not the first time that she went home with checks that were larger than $1.000. She also added that if you follow her rule of gambling do it in a way that it won’t make you addiction, but in a way to evoke the fun out of you, and if at any point you realize that you have lost much cash, than stop it immediately.

She then went to the casino pool to rest from the hours of playing and gambling, inviting the few media photographers that were in front of the casino along with her.

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