Largest Online Casino Jackpots of All Time

Largest Online Casino Jackpots of All Time

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Largest Online Casino Jackpots of All Time

The saying the house always win might be true for many casino players. But for people who’ve hit mega jackpots worth millions of euros, the house loses sometimes. The win is even sweeter when it comes after a small bet.

Or picture this. You lose sleep in the wee hours of the morning and decide to have fun at an online slot. Then by sheer luck, you hit a life -changing jackpot. Sounds sweet? For the people whose stories we’ve shared below, theirs wasn’t a dream. They turned small online casino bets into million-dollar jackpots.

#8: New Zealand Man’s $7.4M Jackpot in 2016

In 2016, New Zealand’s Rawiri Pou was a 27-yeard-old fast-food employee working check to check. Then he tried his luck at the famous Mega Moolah online jackpot game at an offshore casino.

First, Rawiri turned his $250 bet into $1500. But instead of cashing it out, he re-invested it into the machine for a bigger prize. Little did he know his mall gamble would payout and not just in any fashion.

The Matamata-based player hit a NZ $10M jackpot, equivalent to $10M at the time. Rawiri’s first sentiment after learning of the news was disbelief.

“I still can’t believe this is real,” he said. “I’ve been in shock since I won and it is literally going to change my life,” Rawiri added.

#7: Beginner’s Luck Leads to $8M Jackpot

If you believe in this beginner’s luck, this story will inspire you to make your first online casino deposit. It happened in 2017 in Aberdeen, Scotland. A first-time casino player named Neil made a £30 deposit to play online slots at a popular casino.

Then he wagered £4 on the Halls of Gods jackpot game. And guess what? Neil hit a £6.3M ($8M) windfall, which he said he would use to buy his parents a home and visit his sister in Australia.

What would you do with an $8M jackpot? While thinking about your wishes, check out It features Halls of Gods, Mega Moolah and all the other top online casino jackpots out there. What’s more, it features 1000+ video slots, video poker and live dealer table games.

#6: Student’s Sleepless Night Turned €11.7M Jackpot

September 24, 2011, will always be a memorable day for one lucky Norwegian casino player. He was a broke, 20-year-old student. And after watching a movie late at night, he decided to use up some free spins he had earned from his favorite casino.

Soon afterward, he chose to play the famous Jackpot game from NetEnt: Mega Fortune. Usually, the unnamed student would prefer to bet on sports in the evenings. But for that one night, his interest was in slots.

Lucky for him, his desire to play slots turned him into an overnight millionaire, literally. He won €11,736,228 million to be exact—the largest online casino jackpot at the time. Needless to say, the student didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

#5: Soldier in Despair Wins £13.2M (17M)

The biggest online casino jackpot of 2015 couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person. Twenty-five-year-old Jon Heywood had just returned from Afghanistan, where had been serving his country as a soldier.

His father was ill in hospital and he was not doing well financially. Against that backdrop, Jon’s budget when he thought of gambling online involved small amounts. In fact, hist jackpot-winning bet was worth a measly 25 pennies.

Yet, the 25-bet turned into a £13.2M windfall, the biggest online casino jackpot at the time and for the next three years. As you can predict, Jon’s first mission after winning the jackpot was to find better treatment for his father. Second, he planned to purchase a Bentley and treat his entire family to a Mediterranean cruise trip.

#4:  Record-Setting €17.88M Jackpot in 2013

One of the biggest online casino jackpot triumphs came from a man who chose to remain anonymous. He won the money playing NetEnt’s Mega Fortune. But here’s the best part. Like Jon Heywood of England, this Finnish jackpot winner also won with a 25-cents bet.

At the time, no one had ever won such a huge jackpot. It probably explains why he chose to keep his profile public. It helped protect him from fake friends and relatives with frivolous lawsuits.

#3: Mega Moolah Does It Again: €14.25M in 2020

Last year, a Swedish online casino who opted to remain anonymous tried her luck at the ever-famous Mega Moolah jackpot game. She won and not just any amount. The luck player converted her bet into a €14M windfall, the largest online casino win in Sweden.

As you’ve probably noted, Sweden is home to a handful of jackpot winners. In 2012, a lucky banker won SEK 67 million. In 2014, a player set a new record with a SEK 74 million windfall. Next, someone won SEK 80 million in 2015. Another followed with a SEK 58 million win in 2017 before last year’s SEK 146M record-breaking jackpot.

#2: A New €18.9 Million Jackpot in 2018

In 2018, someone smashes Heywood’s jackpot. But for some reason, the story never went viral. Surprisingly, this jackpot was so huge that it made it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

In the usual style, this jackpot winner chose to stay anonymous. The only details made public are about the casino he played at the game he played to win—Mega Moolah. Everything else, from names and age, to gender are country of origin were hidden.

#1: A €19.5M ($236M) Jackpot in 2021

What’s your biggest win this year? For a lucky online casino player, her biggest online casino of the year is life-changing. While playing Absolootly Mad, a variation of Mega Moolah, the player hit a jackpot worth a whopping €19,430,723.

Unlike the previous winner, this record-winner’s country of origin is known. The player lives in Belgium. He game-changing jackpot came from a €15 bet. And as said, he was inspired by a man who had won €2 million from the same game.  Interestingly, Absolootly Mad is also a new slot launched last year.

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